Thursday, April 17, 2008

A dog is not a speed bump

Ugh, I am so tired.....what a long night.

We finally left the office to take the kids home at 9 last night. We were literally 4 blocks from home on a dark stretch of road when hubby swore he saw a dog walking up the other side of the road. He said, "We better turn around and get that dog off the road before something happens to it." So, we whipped up to the end of the street and turned around to go back and get her. The car in front of us plowed into her and just kept going. I jump out of the van while hubby is still semi-driving, and tell him to drive after those guys and get at least a license plate number. I get out to check on the dog. You can tell she is older. She's got cataracts. Her nose is busted up and bleeding and I was pretty sure her right hip was broken. She was just sitting by the curb panting and drooling. I come up to her slowly so I don't freak her out and she starts whimpering a bit. So I just sit there petting her waiting for hubby to get back and hoping that no one else comes whipping down the street.. (its really dark....newly opened road and no street lights yet.)

Hubby comes back....the bastards got away. They were freakin' driving like maniacs apparently and Ross didn't want to get into a high speed chase with the kids in the van. So, we try calling the phone nubmer on her dog tag. It's been disconnected. So, we wrap her in a blanket that we had in the van and gently lift her in and decide we will drive over to the house that is listed on her license tag.

We get to the house....its now a bit after 10 but there are still a couple of lights on. A man comes to the door. No, he isn't Mr. Taylor, and no he didn't lose his dog. He just bought the house 4 months ago. The house was being looked after by Mr. Taylors estate. The dogs owner has passed away, and the realtor believed that family members had given the dog away. (The new owners obviously had not changed her license or anything.)

I really didn't want to have to do it, but I made Ross phone animal control to come pick her up. They promised me that she would have surgery done (pro bono) and because she was found with tags and a license.....she would not be put down. She would recover at the emergency shelter and long term care if needed and if they couldn't find her owners she would go to the SPCA for adoption.

I really wish I had room to take her home with us after this was all over with. But I already have 5 dogs as it is. I just felt so bad for her. Why do people seem to think that animals are inatimate objects with no feelings.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.....I just really needed to get my frustration out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

21 Questions about you and your spouse

I saw this on another friends blog, and since I've spaced out on things to write about today, I thought I'd give it a go. So, if you don't know Ross and I very well...or at all, you're about to know us a bit better:

#1. How long have you been together? Since Spring of 1996, but we were married in October of 1997.
#2. How long did you date? Just under a year....but we lived together after three months
#3.How old is he? 41
#4. Who eats more? Actually, I probably do....anyone who's seen my husband won't believe that
#5. Who said I Love You First? He absolutely did
#6. Who is taller? Ross -- I wouldn't have dated him otherwise.
#7. Who sings better? I do. Ross couldn't carry a tune if his life depended on it
#8. Who is smarter? Well that depends, I'm smarter about school stuff and church stuff and he's smarter about money and "street smarts" stuff
#9. Who does the laundry? Me.
#10. Who does the dishes? Me -- notice the pattern here
#11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are standing at the foot of the bed facing it -- I do. Ross likes sleeping closest to the door
#12. Who pays the bills? Ross -- remember he's smarter about the money stuff
#13. Who mows the lawn? We have a lawn guy....but if we didn't it would be me. I love mowing the lawn and working in the yard. Ross can't stand it
#14. Who cooks dinner? Both. He used to do it all the time, being a chef and all....but he's taught me a lot and I actually enjoy cooking, so we are pretty evenly split on it now
#15. Who is more stubborn? Him, bar none. And he'll be the fist to admit it
#16. Who kissed who first? He kissed me first
#17. Who asked who out? He asked me out
#18. Who proposed? Ross proposed to me on my 21st birthday....we were married 10 days later.
#19. Who is more sensitive? Me
#20. Who has more friends? Definately Ross. Since moving to the US I have had no friends. He's got buddies from work and guys he plays cards with and stuff
#21. Who has more siblings? I do. Ross had only one sibling and he passed away 4 yrs ago. I have 3 younger siblings, and 4 more that I've never met

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