Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Idol Chatter -- The Top 9

Gah, so I got a little sidetracked tonight between sick kids and hubby being in the hospital and sort of forgot that Idol was on tonight, so I missed the first half of Anoops song. But here's what I thought.

1. Anoop -- "???": What the heck was the song he was singing? It was awful and he was completely flat through the whole thing. That makes me sad, because I really like him, but he's not proving to be much of a "Star".

2. Meagan -- "Good Lovin": Was she high while she was on stage? She was horrible from top to bottom and her mannerisms were as though she was completely baked while singing.

3. Danny -- "What Hurts the Most": Beautiful as always. He has amazing power when he hits the choruses of his songs. This guy is a brilliant talent.

4. Allison -- "Don't Speak": I hated the arrangement on the chorus. It was too slow and she sounded like she had a hard time getting under the song.

5. Scott -- "Just the way you Are": OK, so I know I've given Scott a hard time the past couple of weeks, but I really like most of that song A LOT. I could have done without his attempt at the vocal acrobatics, but I loved the intonation of the vocals and I LOVED the piano.

6. Matt -- "You found Me": Hated it. Literally hated everything about it. I didn't like how he was out in the middle of the floor, the song started too low for him, there was WAY too much vibrato in his voice, and he was screaming by the end of the song.

7. Lil -- "I Surrender": I hated this one too...which is hard for me to say because I love Celine. But Lil was really shouty and her enormous mouth was very distracting. It was boring and shouty and flat. Blah, blah, blah.....she's starting to lose her appeal with me.

8. Adam -- "Play the Funky Music": (OK, nothing to do with the performance, but this was the number one song on the day I was born LOL) Well, Adam went a little manic on his ending note, but beyond that I thought he was phenomenal. His arrangement was great and his performance was fantastic.

9. Kris -- "Ain't no Sunshine": I LOVE this song, and he did it brilliantly. I loved everything about it. My favorite performance by him so far, hands down.

OK, so the bottom three: Please be Meagan....please, she needs to go. OK um....also, Anoop and Matt. That is my "Official" prediction.....but I also woudn't be suprised to see Lil or Allison in there.

What did YOU think??

An Open Letter To The Public Library

Dear Public Library,

I love the whole concept of free books and unlimited access to learning. I love that you encourage reading. But there are some major flaws in your system. Maybe you should take a field trip to the mall and check out your competition—the book stores.

First, why can’t you be more like Barnes and Noble? You don’t need to sell pastries and have a cafĂ© (although how cool would THAT be?) but can’t you arrange your books in attractive displays? Pull out some good ones and stack them nicely on end tables? I realize it’s hard to do with those ugly plastic-couch covered 1985 Danielle Steel hardbacks, but surely you’ve got SOMETHING good hidden in those dark, dusty shelves. Just a small table of something interesting might encourage me to dig through the 100,000,001 fiction books in hopes of finding more. As it is….I give up after a quick run through the “A’s”.

Oh, and that whole alphabetical arrangement really blows. Again, check out Barnes and Noble! They separate by subject! Amazing, huh? I can walk in and find a lovely historical fiction in five minutes. I don’t need to know the freaking author’s last name, because honestly, who knows that crap?!? I wander up and down your aisles muttering, “I know the title, but who the heck wrote it? Ah, forget it. I don’t have time for this.”(I won’t even mention how you never EVER have anything new. I know you are already embarrassed about it. It’s okay! I understand that you’re poor and have to please the old people by spending all your money on Princess Di biographies.)

But the real thorn in my side is your children’s section. What were you smoking when you put THAT together? Stop arranging by author’s last name! Do I look like I know who wrote The Stinky Cheese Man? And kids don’t know that crap either, despite all those Reading Rainbow episodes you’ve seen. Also? Throw out any picture book published before 1980. If a cartoon character is wearing bell bottoms, it’s got to go. (And who wants 30 years worth of germy kids’ fingers anywhere near their child?!?) I appreciate that you may have a few games and puzzles for the kids to play with, but could you check them once in a while for missing pieces? High-Ho Cherry-O kinda sucks without the cherries. Or the lid. Or the little spinner. In fact, it was just a piece of cardboard with holes punched in it. Library, I still have love for you, but you need to get your act together. (Or start selling yummy cookies and frapaccinos to make up for your suckiness. JUST DO SOMETHING. Geesh.)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some TLC shows just aren't worth anyones time

I was going to publish a rather whiny post about my frustrations with my kids and my own failings as a mother…but then I remembered that I watched John and Kate Plus Eight last night, and it’s much more fun and entertaining to pick apart someone else’s parenting. (Can I get an AMEN?)

I haven’t watched the show in quite awhile because 1.) it’s really boring, and 2.) Kate makes me go mental. But, last night was a RERUN of when they moved into a brand new (hugely expensive) house….and after flipping through the channels 10 times, I gave up and watched it. Their new house is…amazing. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and Kate couldn’t believe how DIRTY it was. (The “dirt” consisted of some dust bunnies in the pantry. GOD FORBID! ) The rest of the family took off while Kate snapped on her yellow plastic gloves and started cleaning in a manic OCD fit. She spent 4 hours cleaning the fridge—with a toothpick. (Aaannndd…that’s when I spit my bowl of popcorn across the room while laughing hysterically.)

Seriously? 4 hours to clean a fridge? Mine gets wiped out once every 3 months with a few Clorox Wipes—and if there’s too much crap on the shelf I just wipe off the edge. Also? I don’t even think I own toothpicks. Moving on…

Kate has some odd rules for the new house. Like this little gem: “No child shall ever set foot in Mommy’s bedroom. EVER AGAIN.” Are you Serious!? She stood in the middle of her new bedroom and shrieked, “See this room? You’re never. To. Come. In. here. Again. Understand?” So Saturday morning snuggles are a big No-No? Nightmares never happen? Unless she’s installing permanent S&M equipment, what is the big deal? (Wait….has Kate been reading Self?)
Ah, it makes me laugh. Then…it just makes me sad. She is staring to make "Octomom" look like Mother Teresa.

Anyone else watch this train wreck of a show?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obligatory Idol Results show and a diss on "Self" Magazine

OK, because I promised everyone I would, here's my take on the idol results show. First off, loved all the special guest musical numbers -- hated the montage by the Idols themselves. Ugh! Secondly, how the heck was Matt G in the bottom three. That made me sad. But I can't say I'm upset that Michael went home. I knew he wasn't destined to win the whole thing. But I still think that Scott should have gone home before him.....and Meagan too for that matter. There you go.

Moving On.....

Last night, I flipped through February’s Self magazine while soaking in the bathtub. (What? Like you don’t do that?) Usually Self is not too bad—it’s full of ditzy exercise tips mixed in with the typical Cosmo junk and just enough “health” topics to set apart from being…well…just a suckier version of Glamour. But, whatever. It’s good for bathtub flipping.

The first article I read was Self’s breakdown of all the levels of vegetarianism. (Is this really informative to anyone over the age of 13? Seriously. Don’t we already know this crap?) I have to confess, I was too bored to actual read the article, but I did check out the celebrity bedazzled flow chart that ranged from Meat Eaters (Jessica Simpson) to Self’s new made up word of the day—Airatarians! (Those are people who don’t eat anything but air.) Har-har.Um, Self? Those people are usually called anorexics. Let’s not poke fun at people with real issues, okay? Especially since I’m sure next month you’ll come out with some stupid Anorexic Awareness article and try to be all PC and sensitive. Gag.

Moving on….ah, yes. We can’t have an issue without the obligatory “Have Hot Sex TONIGHT” article. Without these types of articles, how would I have ever learned that certain areas should be trimmed into hearts and stars and dyed with Kool-Aid for special occasions? Hmmm?!?!? (Spanks Cosmo, circa 2002!) This month’s article was about trying new things—like a threesome! Or dating a girl and batting for the other team! Or how about firing up your marriage with an AFFAIR? After all, you never know what you’ll like unless you relax and try new things.

Sage advice, Self. Words of wisdom, I’m sure. But since I actually have MORALS, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping around with another man (or woman) anytime soon. Also? I just vomited a little in my mouth.

It was one of those issues that made me toss it aside and say, “Am I crazy, or am I one of the only sane people left?” Or maybe American society now resembles a really bad MTV Real World episode and I am too absorbed with work and motherhood to notice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Idol Chatter (Top 10)

Ah, Motown week. One of my favorites. I had high hopes for tonight, especially when I heard that Smoky Robinson was back this year. But before I start in on the contestants, let me first comment on this weeks "Wardrobe Malfunctions".

Is it just me or did Randy remind anyone else of a black Mr. Rogers with that rediculous sweater. And Paula.....is she taking fashion advice from Bjork now? And what was with that giant disco ball on her ring finger?

OK, on to the contestants:

1. Matt -- "Let's get it on": I didn't like how he kept switching between his upper and lower register. He felt the music, which was great, but he fell flat in a few spots. I didn't really care for it.

2. Kris -- "How Sweet it is": I like the fresh vibe he brought to Motown. It had a bit of a country flair to it. I didn't "love" it, but I thought it was good.

3. Scott -- "You Can't Hurry Love": Yawn! Very vanilla rendition of this song. He didn't put enough "oomph" into it. I actually enjoyed the piano more than the vocals.

4. Meagan -- "For once in my Life": She sounded like she had to force the vocals because the verses were too low for her. And she was really shouty, and flat through most of her high notes. FINALLY the judges are seeing her for the craptastic singer she is.

5. Anoop -- "Ooh Baby, Baby": That was nice. A little slower than I would have liked it. But I thought his falsetto was phenomenal. Kara didn't give him enough credit. (Hated his wardrobe too....what's with the jackets this year?)

6. Michael -- "Ain't too Proud to beg": He was pretty good, but there is some Motown songs that a white boy should NOT sing, and I think this is one of them.

7. Lil -- "Heatwave": I'm with Randy on this one. She sounded off tempo and flat. She was rushed and shouty. This was her worst performance by a landslide.

8. Adam -- "Tracks of my Tears": Fan-freakin-tastic! I loved seeing this side of him. Not a lot of guys can sing almost an entire song in their upper register, but that was bloody phenomenal. Gave me goosebumps.

9. Danny -- "Get Ready": Big mistake not taking Smoky's advice, but he is still an amazing vocalist. The rest of the song was near perfect. He had some issues with breath control, but other than that it was great.

10. Allison -- "Papa was a rollin' stone": Another amazing powerhouse vocal. I honestly believe that this chick could win it all. She's definately my pick for favorite female in the competition. She was absolutely unreal.

OK, so there you have it. My thoughts for the week. I have a feeling that Michael, Meagan and Scott are going to be in the bottom three. And I don't think that any of them have a hope in Hell of winning, so I really don't care which of them goes home.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Curse of the Uni-boob

How’s the weight loss? I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve worked out every day (except Sunday—even God took a rest) for about 3 weeks now. I lost 6 pounds, then gained back 3…then slowly lost 2. So I’m down a whopping total of 5 pounds.(Ooh…that’s not impressive.)

But there are other benefits! I feel stronger, I have a bit more energy, and I do believe my boobs are shrinking.(10 kinds of awesome.)

I’ve posted about my big boobs before…. I’m a 38DD, people! That’s straight-up Play-Boy-Bunny-hey-look-at-my-jugs size. (In fact, I do believe that exact phrase is written in small print on my bra’s tag. And I think the women in some Chinese sweat shop held up my gi-normous bra and laughed while wearing it on their head as a hat.) But I digress….

I don’t wear a sports bra while I work out. I wear my normal bra, and my husband looks at me funny when he finds me sweating in blue stripped pajama pants and a hot black lace bra. Sports bras are made for tiny boobs. Mine are big and um…pliable? I put on a sports bra and they just mush together into one giant uni-boob. I need support and, um, and miracles! A tiny, stretchy slice of lycra CANNOT control DD’s.

Also? The whole “pull the bra over your head” thing is just disturbing. There’s always a few seconds where the bra is stuck in a roll below my shoulders, my arms are stuck in the air, and my boobs are painfully smooshed into my stomach. Hawt.

So…I need to find a good sports bra. I can picture it in my head—It’s white, TWO SEPARATE CUPS (gasp!), hooks up the back, and can absorb sweat. Am I looking for The Holy Grail, or does such a bra really exist?

Monday, March 23, 2009


On a day when I am home, the big boys are off to school and Ryker is asleep, I needed something to make me smile. Other than the fact that I am here, by myself. In the silence. Today I am going to post some older pictures for a few reasons. Firstly, because I like them. Secondly, because I think my kids are cute. Thirdly, because my oldest is turning 12 next month, and the other 2 are almost 9 and 5 which is too old for my liking. And fourthly, because they fight. Alot. They fight from the second they get home from school until they are in bed with their eyes closed and they are dreaming about how to physically hurt the other. So I am looking at these pictures of my boys during short spurts of time when they actually liked each other and got along for more than 30 seconds. I am sure one day in the next 15 years they will like each other once again.

In the meantime I have these pictures.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Open Letter to my 8-yr Old

* Using an entire tube of my expensive hair cream to spike and style your boy cut is not ok.......especially if you do it every hour.

* Underwear is for actually wearing believe it or not. It is not a decoration to be scattered around your bedroom and is not to be used to wipe pee off of the toilet seat. You are supposed to wear it. Every day. Going commando at such a young age is gross. At any age it is gross. It is also winter.....-30 and wearing underwear would help to keep your privates warm. Just a thought.

* Socks are to be changed every day. You are not supposed to wear the same pair of socks for 10 days straight or until they become one with your flesh. It is gross. It is stinky. Ewww.......

* Flashing your brothers is wrong. No one in the house needs to be flashed. Ever. You can be a nudist whenever you want. In the privacy of your own home after you have moved out --please and thank you.

* Calling your brothers "moron", "stupid", "idiot" and so on does not make you cool. Eventually they will be bigger than you (one already is) and we are working our hardest to teach the three of you not to tolerate being bullied. If you bully him...well..........

* When people come to our house to visit, it is not expected that they bring you a gift everytime. Just because it seemed that way during the holidays, it does not mean that it will continue year round. I would love it if people brought me a gift too but I don't expect it. Chocolate is always a favourite. Or bath products. Or books. I like scrapbooking stuff too.

* Setting your alarm for 7am and then spending the next hour whining and crying because you want to stay in bed is not how I enjoy waking up. I would prefer it if you were happy and excited to start your day, thank you very much.

* It is ok to flush the toilet after you do your business. Really. A monster is not going to come out of the bowl and attack your bum. Honest.

* Burping and tooting is a natural thing that our bodies do. Sure it can be extremely funny at times but it is not funny ALL of the time. We would really appreciate some manners when you have to expell some gas. This is not a barn, but we do have ocould find one and would be happy to set up a bedroom for you out there.

I love you son. Even though you drive me crazy sometimes.

xo Mom

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Signs that I am NOT aging.

Ok, I admit it. I get a little frazzled when I read about aging, especially as I get closer to my mid-thirties instead of my early thirties. I don't FEEL like I am getting older until I read about all of the special products I should be buying, tests I should be getting done and surgeries available to keep me young. Then I realize that I am no longer a high school student....I am a full fledged adult *gasp*!

It does not feel like I was a high school student 15 years ago. I still see people I went to school with and am amazed to see how much they have changed and how many kids they have. How could that happen? I just saw them in school.

So I did some thinking. I may be "almost mid thirties" but there are many signs that I am NOT getting older. I still listen to cool music. I haven't hit that point where the new stuff played on the radio is too funky for my almost senior ears. I know the words to most Coldplay songs and even get my funk on when I hear the newest Panic! At the Disco song. I may drive a minivan but it doesnt stop me from grooving behind the wheel.

I have not yet had to pluck any gray hairs. I dread the day when I have to actually dye my hair to cover the grey instead of just dying because I'm bored with the current color.

I still believe that children are meant to be heard AND seen. My mother in law believes that children were meant to be seen and not heard. Perfect behaviour is expected at all times and if misbehaved, look out. I expect my kids to be respectful of others at all times but I understand they will misbehave and that they will learn from these times.........hopefully.

I still shop at trendy stores. Ok, not the trendiest stores but I havent hit the point where I buy flowery pastel coloured sweatshirts and matching comfy elasticized waist pants.

I like junk food. I don't eat high fibre cereals and only drink pomegranate juice because my doctor said it will slow down the aging process. I eat chocolate. I love chocolate, damn it. If I could bathe in it, I would.

I don't spend hundreds of dollars on moisturizing creams because the ad says it will reduce wrinkles and age spots. I spend $7 and it lasts a few months thank you very much.

I know who all of the "in" celebrities are right now. I do plenty of research reading my gossip magazines and surfing websites so I can keep up with all of the young folk. I am not addicted to those awful magazines....really...........

I still remember my first day of kindergarten. Not because it was so traumatic that I screamed and cried until my mother finally drove me to school, but because it wasnt that long ago. 25+ years ago isnt a long time.

I still wear strappy, funky heels...you know....those ones with the big 3-5 inch stillettos that all of the "cool" people wear.

C'mon 40's. I can handle you. You dont scare me.......that much.

About me and the mister

I was tagged by a girlfriend in her blog and was asked to answer a few questions about me and the husband. SO without further ado....since you're all dying to know. (Ha ha ha )

What are your middle names? ~ Mine is Rebecca, hubby's is Ross

How long have you been together? ~ 13 years (We'll be married for 12 this fall)

How long did you know each other before you started dating? ~ A week, I think

Who asked whom out? ~ Hubby asked me.

How old are each of you? ~ I am 32, hubby 42

Whose siblings do you see the most? ~ Mine, the hubby's only sibling was killed in an accident almost 5 yrs ago.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? ~ Right now it's that hubster is not working (but we're hoping that will change next week)

Did you go to the same school? ~ No.

Are you from the same home town? ~ No.

Who is smarter? ~ Well, he's business and street smarts, I'm more book and people smarts.

Who is the most sensitive? ~Me.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? ~ We like to change it up. When we lived in Dallas our favorite place was Fogo de Chao.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? ~ Honolulu, Hawaii and it was amazing!

Who has the craziest exes? ~ Him for sure

Who has the worst temper? Both.

Who does the cooking? ~ Should be hubby, since he is a chef. But he's taught me a lot and I actually love doing most of the cooking.

Who is the neat-freak? ~ Neither one of us. I like organization but I don't have time to be a clean freak.

Who is more stubborn? ~ Him

Who hogs the bed? ~ Neither of us, we have a king and do just fine. I kind of like being able to touch him; not have him on the other side of the room.

Who wakes up earlier? Hubby has been leaving for work at 5am. Crazy!

Where was your first date? ~We went hiking in Waterton.

Who is more jealous? ~Neither one of us is a jealous person.

How long did it take to get serious? ~ A month to 6 weeks, not long.

Who eats more? ~ I know because of his size, people expect me to say Hubby, but I'd say we're both pretty even on that one.

Who does the laundry? ~Ross couldn't find our laundry room if I drew him a map.

Who's better with the computer? ~ Hubster

Who drives when you are together? ~ If it's just a quick drive, or around town and stuff then hubby will drive. But longer trips we tend to split it up. I think he has "driving narcolepsy". He seriously can't drive more than an hour without starting to fall asleep.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idol Chatter -- Top 11 RESULTS (Spoiler Alert)

OK, so lets start with the "entertainment" factors for the evening shall we? The opening song by the Idols was lame and cheezy. I don't know who the guy in the black cowboy hat was (I told you I'm not really a big country fan, and I came into the show late), but he sucked anyway. I loved the Carrie Underwood song, but it sound way better when not being done as a duet with Randy Travis. Trust me, I found her doing it solo on Playlist.com. SOOOO much better.

OK, as for the results. I guess I was only 1 for three from my predictions last night. I really wish it had been Scott, Lil and Meagan. I was definatly shocked to see Allison there. That was out of left field for me. And as much as I love Alexis, I wasn't totally suprised to see her in the bottom three. But I definately WAS suprised to see her go before Michael.

But she definately blew it when she was "singing for her life". She was flat, her breath control was awful and her voice cracked a few times. I never expected her to win, but I'm a bit disappointed to see her gone this early.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Idol Chatter -- The Top 11

OK, before I begin with tonights thoughts, I should bring up something that you have all been asking about. Apparently, you all want me to also do a blog after the results show with my feelins and such on that. So I guess I am going to start that too. LOL. On to tonights show.

Well, its no secret that I'm not a big fan of Randy Travis as a singer. His nasally whine just makes me itch....but as a person, he is pretty decent. And for the most part, I liked what he had to say about the singers.

#1. Michael - "Ain't goin down til' the sun comes up": I always think that singing Garth Brooks is a ballsy move, but that is especially true of this song. I could tell he was having fun with it and I was basically impressed with his overall performance, especially his breath control. I think the judges were way to harsh on him.

#2. Allison - "Blame it on your Heart": I love her energy in this. She reminds me of Wynonna Judd on speed. She has that low raspy sound, and fatastic showmanship for such a young girl.

#3. Kris - "To make you feel my Love": I was worried when they said he wasn't going to use his guitar, but I think it was perfect. The whole thing gave me goosebumps, and I LOVE that he went up on the last note.

#4. Lil - "Independance Day": I was heartbroken listening to this song. I love Lil, and this is one of my absolute favorite songs to sing. But she was horribly boring and flat during the verses. She seemed to be trying too hard to articulate her words and it was all over her face that she wasn't feeling any emotion from the song AT ALL!

#5. Adam - "Ring of Fire": Ummm.....yeah, so, um.....I think this kid is so far ahead of his time it is rediculous. It was kind of warped and bizarre, but it was him to a tee. I know Emily is going to blast me for this, but I didn't hate it. Was it weird, yes. Was Johnny Cash turning over in his grave? Most likely.....but I didn't hate it. Yeah, it was like some horrific accident that you don't want to watch but can't bear to look away from. He's just more cutting edge than anyone gives him credit for. And while I certainly won't go out and buy his album based on that song, he certainly knows how to get people talking.

#6. Scott - "Wild Angels": I liked it, but I think this guy is proving to be pretty one dimentional. He is in jeopardy of becoming stale and predictable. It was just okay, but felt kind of safe.

#7. Alexis - "Jolene": I kinda liked this one too. I disagree completely with the judges. Except Paula. She's really making a lot of sense this season sometimes. What gives??

#8. Danny - "Jesus take the Wheel": I was a little nervous when he first started on the verse. It sounded a little too low. It wasn't really there, but when he hit the chorus it was phenomenal. The guy is an amazing talent.

#9. Anoop - "Always on my Mind": YAY! Anoop is back. That was a fantastic arrangement and his vocals were beautiful. I was a tad disappointed that he didnt' go up on the last note, but it was still phenomenal.

#10. Meagan - "Walkin' after Midnight": I am seriously so over this girl. She is absolutely childish and rediculous to watch. I can't stand her and I really don't get the spell she seems to have the judges under. Why do they like her so much? She's horrid. Her vocals suck, her stage presence sucks.....yeah, she just sucks.

#11. Matt - "So Small": Beautiful. I loved it. Loved everything about it. What Kara said I could have written myself. This guy was just so absolutely emotional, and the vocals were amazing. I take back what I said a couple a weeks ago about him being undeserving.

So, I wish that I could say that Meagan was going to be in the bottom three, but I don't see it happening. And I really think that Lil deserves to be in the bottom three this week, but that won't probably happen either because she has a pretty big fan base. So my official prediction for bottom three this week is: Michael, Scott and Alexis. And I think Scott will probably be the one going home.

Sorry for the Dust

My apologies if little wiffs of dust puffed out of your keyboard when you clicked into my blog today... I kind of haven't done much blogging around here lately. Much to the dismay of my 7 loyal readers. I am seriously the most motivated, accomplished person in my head. But if you knew me, you would be wildly impressed that clean white towels are stacked neatly in my linen closet, I maintain a well organized spreadsheet with all my bills and there are actual vacuum rows on the living room floor. Now, fight the urge to ask if this is only a monthly occurrence, cause I have developed mad skills since moving. I ask myself why sometimes... mostly it is because I have pride in my life, my home, myself. But I digress.....so since my working has taken up valuable blog time, here is some random blah blah just to keep you reading.

Thought #1: Have you tried so many different kinds of shampoo you have a graveyard under your sink? You know the mismatched bottles that you save for the day when you are in such money trouble that you find yourself saying, "thank goodness I saved all this shampoo! Think of all the showers we can take before we need to buy soap again?" I think I have always looked for the shampoo that will give me the full, beautiful hair I always wanted... now of course I know better. They all basically have the same stuff in them, and my hair is getting hopelessly thinner everyday. I want pregnant, hormonal, pre-natal vitamin, full hair. I wouldn't even mind the additional child.

Thought #2: Can you ever cook enough chicken? I mean really... there is hamburger, but you can burn out pretty quick. And fish? What preschooler goes crazy for the halibut? Chicken is where it's at people. True, my boys have sprouted wings, and tend to peck at the ground while I am cooking dinner, but I know they like it. I suppose it could be a phase, but I have been 29 for over three years now and I have always loved chicken.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Idol Chatter -- The Top 13

OK, off the top, before anything else, I just have to ask this. What the heck is wrong with Paula's face?!? She looks like she had a bad chemical peel, followed by a facelift that is way too tight, and a horrible makeup job. Her eyes look really glassy and distant, like she's on crack!!

OK, on to the contestants.....

1. Lil - "The Way You Make Me Feel": She sounded awesome, but she looked absolutely petrified. She seemed really nervous, although she tried to act like she was feeling the song. She sounded fantasic though, but I have to agree with Simon that her outfit was aweful.

2. Scott - "Keep the Faith": I didn't really care for this at all. Maybe because I don't know the song. It started out great when he was being all so and melodic, but when he tried to jazz it up, it just didn't suit his voice.

3. Danny - "Pretty Young Thing": Fantastic performance, great song, great showmanship and fantastic tone.

4. Michael - "You are not Alone": I love this song, but I wish he would've started from the beginning instead of from the second verse. It was beautiful tonally......but it felt kind of safe.

5. Jamsine - "I'll be There": Great voice...she is very polished for being so young. Loved the perfomance -- hated her dress.

6. Chris - "Do you Remember": Boring, boring, boring. I really wish I could have fast forwarded through that one.

7. Allison - "Give it to Me": She was pretty good, but I didn't care for the song choice.

8. Anoop - "Beat It": Sadly, I think Simon was right about this one. It really was lighweight. There wasn't enough "anger" in his voice for that song. His voice cracked in a couple of spots, and I really wish he would have taken off his jacket because it looked stupid. I was sadly disappointed, but I still love him.

9. Jorge - "Never can say Goodbye": I love his voice. I think he is phenomenal. I loved the whole performance, but was really worried the judges would find it a little too "cruise ship singer".

10. Meagan - "Rockin' Robin": Holy Cheeze, Batman! From how she sang to how she danced, it reminded me of a really corny show choir solo.

11. Adam - "Black or White": I really enjoyed most of this song. Some moments were too "Broadway" in that he was a little to articulate in his words, and his final note sounded flat to me. But I still think the guy is a phenom.

12. Matt Giraud - "Human Nature": Is it just me or does this guy have a bit of a Justin Timberlake vibe? Ha ha ha !!! Nope, I guess it's not just me because Randy just said the same thing. I think it was a great performance, and his falsetto was flawless.

13. Alexis - "Dirty Diana": It was weird for me to think of comparing a cute, blonde white girl to Tina Turner, but that's who I thought of while she was singing. It was great, and powerful, and yes...a wee bit "shouty" in parts. But it was sassy! I loved it!

So there you have it.....I think if I had to pick the bottom three tonight, it would have to be Scott, Chris and Meagan. And I am really intrigued to find out what this "big change" is that's going to be revealed during the results show.

Alright people.....discuss!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Litters of Babies

TLC seems to have created their own brand of fertilitainment with all their recent air time dedicated to shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 18 Kids and Counting. I admit that I have been intrigued by the dynamics of both of these families, as well as the ones featured on shows like Kids by the Dozen.

I recognize that family planning is a personal choice. I know that we all have our own convictions and reasons for how big or small we grow our families.I recently watched a special called "About a Family"; who had four of their own children, and then they adopted 23 special needs children. Almost each of those adopted were severely handicapped. I'm not sure where these kids would have gone had they not been adopted by this family. I'm guessing that they would have ended up in sterile institutions funded by the government. That's why, upon hearing that this family depended on welfare as a means of supporting themselves, it didn't bother me. They are a family of 29 who spend only $1500 a month on groceries. That's a little over $50 a month per person; we spend way more than that. This family is frugal. They are loving. And I give them a lot of credit.

Then there is this woman.

In January, she gave birth to octuplets through the help of fertility treatments. She already had six children under the age of six at home. The father of all the children is a sperm donor (the same one for all 14 children).

So now this woman has 14 children under the age of six, and she is a single parent. In the interview I watched with her, she said that she's going to be able to financially take care of all of them once she completes her degree as a counselor. I see many a flaw in her logic.

I don't know how a single mother of one child completes a degree/works fulltime. It doesn't come close to making sense to me that anyone could do it with 14 children. Especially eight infants. I'm assuming (fact checkers, I'm hoping you prove me wrong) that this woman also receives government assistance. Unless she's independently wealthy, she'd have to be getting help. Diapers and formula alone for eight babies is hundreds of dollars a month. Ross and I couldn't afford half of her kids on our incomes.

I find myself becoming upset with this woman. While the family in the first scenario also chose the number of children in their family, they were rescuing children from a possibly horrible life otherwise. The octomom chose to keep having children in a very culturally irresponsible way. She has put the burden of paying for her family on the taxpayer.

I listened to many interviews with doctors regarding the octuplet situation, and all of them said that with the advances made in fertility treatments, there is no way that a sound doctor could have possibly let this happen. My first thought was they were referring to "selective abortion" which I am against. However, they weren't talking about that. But since I have limited knowledge of fertility science, I can't comment on what they might have meant.

I don't want to judge this woman. I don't want to assume that she was being selfish in her choices. But I also would completely boycott TLC if they gave her a television series.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Wildcard Show (Spoilers if you haven't watched yet)

OK, lets get right to it shall we.

1. Jessy - "Tell me Something Good": Well, what's good is I loved her sassy stage presence, and she ended on a great note. But I think it was too low and she just wasn't good enough for me.

2. Matt - "Who's Lovin' You": OK, let me just start by saying that the boy can pull of a fedora like noones business. I didn't really care for the song choice. I thought it was a way too slow, but he sounded good.

3. Meagan - "Black Horse & A Cherry Tree": Again, hate her tattoo sleeve and the absolute lack of rhythm she has when she does her little 4 yr old dance. I think the song was WAY too low for her, and the vibrato in her voice really annoyed me. And then....she was TOTALLY FLAT on her end note.

4. Von - "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word": It's hard for me to listen to this guy sing beause I am distracted by how contorted his mouth is. It is disturbing. I agree with Simon that he's too serious and boring, and the song started off really, really bad.....they guy can't hit notes that high.

5. Jasmine - "Reflections": She started in a stupid spot in the song, and she was flat at the top of the first chorus. I agree with Randy that the song was too big for her. I was kind of disappointed.

6. Ricky - "Superstitious": I really liked this. He sounded good from start to finish. So far he was actually one of my faves tonight. I think what Simon had to say was WAY off.

7. Tatiana - "Saving all my love for you": Anyone else get the feeling of deja vu? Ugh! You know, I was almost going to be impressed until the end when she went WAY overboard with her typical vocal acrobatics. And she was so annoying afterward with the crying and then the rediculous laughing. I agree with Simon; if she can't come up with a new song in one day, she will never survive in this industry.

8. Anoop - "My Perogative": If this guy doesn't make it then there is some sort of massive injustice in the world. Fantastic singer, great showmanship. He's got it all. WTH Simon?!? Not the best singer?? BS! This guy was the best of the night, bar none.

I think the final three will be Jasmine, Anoop and Ugh Tatiana (see Simon's comment below for why I think that)


When Simon mentioned "we have to put people through that have big personalities", I got this nagging pit in my stomache that they had decided that Tatiana was making it.

So yeah, Jasmine wasn't a shock at all. I knew she'd be in. I was kind of disappointed that Meagan went through. Yeah, she's different and has a unique sound, but she just isn't my cup of tea. HALLELUJIA!!! Tatiana is done FOREVER!!!

And I must say, Simon Cowell saved my television tonight. When Matt was picked for the 12th spot over Anoop, I was reaching for my remote to chuck at his head.....then he said there was going to be a Top 13!! I was like WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

Should shape up for an interesting season!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just because I have to get the results show off my chest.

OK, I wasn't going to post anything tonight, and was going to wait until after tomorrow nights "Wild Card" show. But I just have to get this off my chest.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, AI JUDGES?!?!?!? TATIANA makes it into the wildcard show and any of those others don't?!? What about Jackie, or Ju'Not....or anyone else?!?!? Son of a......... That has got to be the biggest injustice I've seen on this show EVER. I would have preferred you put Nick Mitchell through if you had to put one of the most annoying contestants ever.

OK, well.....I was happy to see that 3 of my 5 make the tops tonight, and for tomorrow nights show, I was so happy to see Anoop make it to the wildcard show. Anyway, I don't want to post much tonight. But come back after tomorrow nights show for more.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Idol Chatter (3rd Group of 12)

OK, so I have no negative comments about Ryan Seacrest and his wardrobe the week. However, did anyone else notice the dinner plate on Randy's arm that he is trying to pass of as a watch? That thing was huge.

Well, lets get right to the contestants shall we.

*Von -- "You're all I Need to get By": I thought it started off way too low for him and he was way too quiet. Overall, I was bored by his entire performance. I guess I didn't see in him what the judges saw. I can't believe how they raved over him.

*Taylor -- "If I Ain't Got You": Again, the song started too low for her voice. And, again, I wasn't overly impressed with this performance. But she definately wins the "Wardrobe Malfunction of the Week" award. Seriously, whats with the dress over the lycra/spandex leggings?? And I actually had to laugh out loud when Paula commented on how good they looked.

*Alex -- "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues": I never thought that this kid should have been in the top 36 to begin with, and after that performance, I completely stand by my original assessment. He was horrible.

*Ariana -- "The Winner Takes it All": I was really pissed throughout this performance. The girl completely butchered my absolutely favorite ABBA song. She want insanely overboard with the vocal acrobatics. It was just disjointed and rediculous.

*Ju'Not -- "Hey There Delilah": I loved this rendition.....just like I did when he did it in Hollywood Week. So he's the second guy tonight to sing a song he's already done. It was a bit slower than the last time he did it, and at times it seemed to drag a bit. But it was still my favorite number of the night thus far.

*Kristen -- "Give me one Reason": Another boring, forgettable performance that showed absolutely no range or talent. She tried at the end, but by then it was to late for me to care.

*Nathaniel -- "Anything for Love": His voice was a little too sweet and "vanilla" for this song. And the 80s wardrobe has got to go. This was another one that I didn't feel deserved a spot in the top 36, and he certainly doesnt' deserve a spot in the top 12.

*Felicia -- "No One": This is one of my favorite songs to sing. I thought she sounded great until she choked on the high note. But she was still the best girl I've heard so far tonight.

*Scott -- "Mandolin Rain": He was a bit soft on the chorus, but I love his voice. He was fantastic.

*Kendall -- "This One's for the Girls": Man, everyone was so soft and picking songs that were too low for their register tonight. I thought she was really flat in the chorus, and agree with Simon that it got a bit shrill toward the end. And I'm a HUGE Martina fan, so that was a disappoinment.

*Jorge -- "Don't let the sun go Down on Me": I think that he had some mic issues toward the end. It sounded like he was cutting out a bit. I loved this performance. It was definately one of my favorite of the night, and it made me cry how emotional he got at the end.

*Lil -- "Put Your Hands Up": I totally didn't care for her song choice. But I loved her vocals. The girl has some serious skills.

Well, there you have it folks. I'm a bit torn tonight with my top three choices, because I actually have 4 favorites that I think could go through. So I think it will be three out of these four:

Scott, Lil, Felicia and Jorge....but I kinda liked Ju'Not too. Crap. Um.....OK, well I think Scott and Lil are absolute shoe ins.....and it's a toss up between the other three. Ha ha ha ha.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grown Ups Playing with Dolls


Click the above link!!

I saw this on 20/20 last month, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. These dolls are called "Reborn" and they are impeccable in their resemblance to actual babies.I can't find the 20/20 segments online because of copyright issues, but as I watched these women talk about the dolls, I felt very sad for them.

These dolls, which cost thousands of dollars, become like real children to their owners. Some women have created nurseries in their own home for them. Others celebrate their birthdays with parties. But almost all of the "parents" take their "children" out in public, passing them off as real babies.

I think that it's really easy to call these people crazy, and to write them off. And for some of them, maybe they are nuts. I'll admit to being totally creeped out by watching these people basking in the compliments of strangers as they pushed these dolls around in expensive strollers.It's weird to me.

The psychologist on the program talked about how people forming relationships with inanimate objects can be harmful because they can never be requited. And also, when people use these dolls as a means of gaining attention from strangers, it's also a sign of something bigger.What is that something bigger...


Loneliness is one of the deepest, more painful emotions to deal with. I think that's why solitary confinement is considered the worst type of punishment. We were born to be societal, in community with one another. To be healthy, we need to both give and receive love. To co-exist with each other.

The recluse. The outcast. The bullied. These people can become dangerous.

The Unibomber. The Columbine Killers. These are all people who allowed their loneliness to consume them...When people find alternative ways to fulfilling that part of human nature, it does something to the psyche.

Think about it...I know lots of people who would rather live in a fantasy world than in reality. I myself enjoy spending some time online in Second Life. I mean, I think all of us would like to from time-to-time, but there are some who take it to extremes. I think that there is a danger to removing the human connections of this world. Not everything can be automated or substituted. I think that this is why I cringe at how much my kids play video games. Sort of like how social drinking is considered acceptable, but drinking alone in the basement equates a problem, so goes video games in my mind.

The Wii at a party is fun stuff. Heck, I've even been known to play a few rounds with the kids. It's social, it's fun. But I just don't get it when people would prefer to spend 14 hours on a Saturday trying to beat a video game by themselves. In that instance, I'm glad my kids usually play these games together.

When I was younger, we got a Rampage like game for the Atari for Christmas. My brother and I decided to spend however long it took to beat it, and it was most of the day. But do you know what I remember about that time? I remember the stupid things my brother and I said as we devoured the buildings, ate the people, and conquered cities. I remember hanging out with my brother all day. In the end, the "finale" was hugely disappointing. The game just ended and "CONGRATULATIONS" appeared on the screen. All our hard work for that? (Okay, so I guess I also remember the ANGER)

Had I played the game by myself and that was all I got out of it, I would have been super-pissed.Even now if I waste 20 minutes playing Word Challenge on Facebook, I end up feeling guilty at my non-productivity.

That isn't to say that I don't like down time or time alone. I think that when it becomes a preference though, to all other activities which involve other people, it is a problem.The woman who began this "Reborn" business did so because she suffered seven miscarriages, and she was never able to carry a child to term. That had to have been horrible grief to deal with. However, and maybe I'm being judgemental here, it doesn't seem as though she's fully recovered. Whenever she makes a doll which she thinks would have looked like her own children, she keeps it. For me, a constant inanimate reminder of all I've lost would not be therapeutic.

And no, these women aren't hurting anyone. And no, "make-believing" isn't a sin. But I guess I just wish that there wasn't a "need" for these dolls. I wish that everyone out there had someone real to love, and someone real to love them. Oh, wait... I believe that there is. Maybe if Jesus and the gospel was marketed just a little more accurately in this world, people would be reborn instead of buying Reborn.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

That was then...This is now.

Motherhood has changed me.

We have all said at one time or another that we won't change when we have children. We won't become our parents. We won't let our children dictate who we are, or what we do. Then we have children, wake up from our little fantasy, and realize that we are for all intents and purposes, different people.

For some, this is a tough cross to bear. For others, it is a welcome change, a rite of passage into a secret society that they have longed to be a member of. No matter what you once said, no matter how you feel about the changes that have befallen you since becoming a parent, it is undeniable that for as much as it may have taken from you, it has given that much more back to you, tenfold.

I am not talking about the physical changes that we go through. I won't even venture to discuss the weight gain and loss, the pimples, the hormones, the stretch marks, the scars, the parts of your body that no longer look like parts of your body. I am talking about the undeniable shift in your nature, your personality, your very being.

When I decided to tackle this topic, I couldn't help but think of all of the ways that I myself had changed. There were definitely things that I could no longer do. There were places I could no longer go. And even feelings that I once had, were now as foreign to me as a movie spoken entirely in Arabic.

So I thought, what better way to account for it all than to share with all of you a list? I hope that you will read along, hopefully with empathy and maybe even a little laughter. I demand, er, I mean encourage, okay beg, everyone reading this to make your own similar list. Link back to this post if you'd like, or simply comment and let me know you've done it. I would love to read everyone's 'That was then... This is now' lists.

Things I Could Do Before I Had Kids That I Can't Do Now

Stay up until 5 a.m. with my college roomates and still get to a 9:00 class.

Live voluntarily in a house with no heat or electric for 3 months because it had a great view.

Stage a sit in and not worry who will watch the kids if I get arrested.

Walk into a room and remember what I went in there for

Pee without an audience. Or at least without an audience under age 7

Hit on a bartender or waiter for free drinks. Unless he's got milk or apple juice, I am not interested.

Use curse words without fear that "Shit mom, I dropped my damn toy" will be juniors next full sentence.

Lay down and rest when I don't feel good. Possibly from that whole staying up until 5a.m. thing.

and lastly

Sleep until an hour when the roosters are no longer crowing, or cock-a-doodle-dooing, or whatever sound it is that a rooster makes.

And now...

Things I Can Do Now That I Could Not Do Before I Became a Mom

Change a diaper in aisle 6 of the supermarket.

Simultaneously make dinner and nurse an infant. Nothing like making dinner and being dinner at one time.

Cleaning up vomit from the floor, my clothes, their clothes, and the walls without myself vomiting.

Putting on a puppet show, singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' sixteen times, and being the snow queen in a play all before 8:00 a.m.

Listening to the songs of Laurie Berkner, Raffi, Rozenshontz and The Peanut Butter & Jelly band repeatedly without pulling my hair out when I really want to be listening to The Beatles or Eva Cassidy.

Compare every ache and pain and injury everyone has to childbirth. "What do you mean you cut your hand on a table saw? 7 stitches in your face? Car accident? Broken leg? Please. I gave birth- vaginally- to a 9 lb. baby. Call me back when you've felt some real pain!

And most of all, experience hope, and joy, and even pain and fear and doubt, but most of all love, in a way that I never even imagined was possible.

Easy Ways To Be Happy

In the monotony of daily life, chasing after happiness can seem like an endless, really big project. And sometimes, it is. But sometime...