Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Wildcard Show (Spoilers if you haven't watched yet)

OK, lets get right to it shall we.

1. Jessy - "Tell me Something Good": Well, what's good is I loved her sassy stage presence, and she ended on a great note. But I think it was too low and she just wasn't good enough for me.

2. Matt - "Who's Lovin' You": OK, let me just start by saying that the boy can pull of a fedora like noones business. I didn't really care for the song choice. I thought it was a way too slow, but he sounded good.

3. Meagan - "Black Horse & A Cherry Tree": Again, hate her tattoo sleeve and the absolute lack of rhythm she has when she does her little 4 yr old dance. I think the song was WAY too low for her, and the vibrato in her voice really annoyed me. And then....she was TOTALLY FLAT on her end note.

4. Von - "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word": It's hard for me to listen to this guy sing beause I am distracted by how contorted his mouth is. It is disturbing. I agree with Simon that he's too serious and boring, and the song started off really, really bad.....they guy can't hit notes that high.

5. Jasmine - "Reflections": She started in a stupid spot in the song, and she was flat at the top of the first chorus. I agree with Randy that the song was too big for her. I was kind of disappointed.

6. Ricky - "Superstitious": I really liked this. He sounded good from start to finish. So far he was actually one of my faves tonight. I think what Simon had to say was WAY off.

7. Tatiana - "Saving all my love for you": Anyone else get the feeling of deja vu? Ugh! You know, I was almost going to be impressed until the end when she went WAY overboard with her typical vocal acrobatics. And she was so annoying afterward with the crying and then the rediculous laughing. I agree with Simon; if she can't come up with a new song in one day, she will never survive in this industry.

8. Anoop - "My Perogative": If this guy doesn't make it then there is some sort of massive injustice in the world. Fantastic singer, great showmanship. He's got it all. WTH Simon?!? Not the best singer?? BS! This guy was the best of the night, bar none.

I think the final three will be Jasmine, Anoop and Ugh Tatiana (see Simon's comment below for why I think that)


When Simon mentioned "we have to put people through that have big personalities", I got this nagging pit in my stomache that they had decided that Tatiana was making it.

So yeah, Jasmine wasn't a shock at all. I knew she'd be in. I was kind of disappointed that Meagan went through. Yeah, she's different and has a unique sound, but she just isn't my cup of tea. HALLELUJIA!!! Tatiana is done FOREVER!!!

And I must say, Simon Cowell saved my television tonight. When Matt was picked for the 12th spot over Anoop, I was reaching for my remote to chuck at his head.....then he said there was going to be a Top 13!! I was like WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

Should shape up for an interesting season!!


Michelle said...

I did not watch last night...other plans, but my husband told me all about Tatianna's over-the-top meltdown. I am sad I missed it. And I am so glad she is gone!

SongbirdMama said...

Don't worry Michelle, it's nothing you haven't seen before. A lot of crocodile tears, and grabbing her heart, and falling to the ground, and thanking eveyone as if she just won an oscar. You know....typical Tatiana. LOL

Mark and Emily said...

Tatiana is going to show up somewhere again, I don't think it's the last will see of her on tv, unfortunately! I'm pretty excited about the top 13, let's just hope it's not boring without Tatiana...kidding!!

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