Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just because I have to get the results show off my chest.

OK, I wasn't going to post anything tonight, and was going to wait until after tomorrow nights "Wild Card" show. But I just have to get this off my chest.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, AI JUDGES?!?!?!? TATIANA makes it into the wildcard show and any of those others don't?!? What about Jackie, or Ju'Not....or anyone else?!?!? Son of a......... That has got to be the biggest injustice I've seen on this show EVER. I would have preferred you put Nick Mitchell through if you had to put one of the most annoying contestants ever.

OK, well.....I was happy to see that 3 of my 5 make the tops tonight, and for tomorrow nights show, I was so happy to see Anoop make it to the wildcard show. Anyway, I don't want to post much tonight. But come back after tomorrow nights show for more.


Michelle said...

My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief when they called Tatianna's name! Seriously?? They picked her because of the drama factor, I'm positive of that. And Randy said they all agreed on her! I thought Simon hated her! I was so sad Felicia didn't get a wild card spot. I really like her. Oh well. I can't watch tonight because I have other things going on and we don't have a DVR or TiVo. I am not too upset though. Freakin' Tatianna! If she makes into the top 12, I may stop watching!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I couldn't wait to see what you would say about Tatianna...and I was soooo right.....what the freak? I think it was to boost ratings....right? They can't be serious!.....anyhoo, tonight should be interesting!?!?!?! luv ya......kk

Mark and Emily said...

Maybe they were just trying to "fill" a spot and threw her in in hopes for better ratings?! But ya, Junot or Felicia deserved a spot, I don't think Von deserved one. I was over all dissapointed in most of their choices.

SongbirdMama said...

Well I was happy with Anoop, and Jasmine....and ummm....what was that bluesy guy. But the other 5, and especially Tatiana...I could take or leave. I was kind of disappointed that Ju'Not and Jackie didnt' get wildcard spots.


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