Thursday, April 5, 2012

Idol Chatter: The Top 8

80s night is usually one of my favorite nights on American Idol. The hair, the clothes the amazing throw back to songs that I grew up with. Did you think the idols brought the magic? Here's what I think.....

1) Deandre: " I Like It" -- Man, I wish I could say that I liked it too, bro. But the truth is, I'm getting really tired of the Falsetto Fest that you take us to every week. I mean, granted, it had a bit more range to it than a lot of the stuff he's done in weeks before, and that may be the only thing that lets him slide throught another week.

2) Elise: "I Wanna Know What Love Is" -- I really thought that this was going to be the kind of song that Elise could rock the house with. A power ballad is classic 80s and during the rehersal with Jimmy and No Doubt it sounded like she nailed it. But when it came performance time, she seemed a bit deflated. She never really made it over the top end of the notes and it just sounded wrong. I was really disappointed.

3) Phillip: "That's All" -- Unlike the Phil (Collins) that originally sang this song, Phillips just couldn't deliver the goods on this one. Once again he sounds no different than he has any other week, and the higher end of this song was just a tad out of his range, so he sounded like he was stretching to hit the notes. I'm pretty much bored of this one trick pony and think it's time to put him out to pasture.

4) Joshua: "If You Don't Know me by Now" -- I haven't really been a fan of this guy, but I thought that was a fabulous performance from him. His ability to hit those falsetto notes, and maintain pitch and timing was spot on. A really great job.

5) Jessica: "How Will I Know" -- So this girl isn't even famous yet, and she's already touting about how she has a "Beyonce-like" alter ego. Unfortunately, I'm thinking her split personality is just a stupid publicity ploy and feels she's a little less "Sasha Fierce" and a little more "Chris Gains". Bored of her, bored of her theatrics, bored of her mediocre voice. Plus tonight, her shirt and screeching gave me a stroke.

6) Hollie: "Flashdance" -- Is it just me, or did Hollie seem really uncomfortable all night long. During her duet earlier in the night, you could see it on her face, that she was thinking more about the steps and the words than the performance, and I think her song here was the same. I find it funny that Gwen Stefani told her she needs more "edge". This girl has about as much edge as a circle. Her moves were robotic and unnatural, and once again, she was flat and sharp and

7) Colton: "Time after Time" -- This guys is fast becoming my absolute odds-on favorite. He knows who he is as an artist, and no matter what he's asked to sing, he finds a way to make it work for his style. His vocals were spot on and the arrangement was comfortable for him. I thought it was great.

8) Skylar: "Wind Beneath my Wings" -- This one is tough for me, because I am a HUGE Bette Midler fan, and think that no one rocks that song quite like she does. I am not a huge country fan, and even less of a Skylar fan. To me, her voice is everything that is wrong in country music. I think her runs were off and she just has too much twang in her voice to do this song the justice it deserves. She's definately got talent, and I have to give her that. Just not my cup of tea.

So, at the end of the night, my feelings for bottom three are: Elise, Hollie and Phillip. I have a feeling Hollie may be going home.

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