Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Questions from the Mother of Mayhem

Here's a fun little "more about me" questionnaire.  Please feel free to share it or answer it on your own blog.

1.  Pool, lake or ocean?  --  I love water, and really can't pick between these.  I'm happy around all of them. 

2.  Camping, cottage, or hotel?  --  I'm a bit of a travel snob.  I am not a fan of camping at all.  The bugs, the dirt, the constant campfire thank you.  Give me a luxury hotel any day of the week.

3.  Favorite ice cream flavor?  --  Mint chocolate chip is always a winner with me.

4.  PJs, nightgown, tshirt & shorts, or birthday suit?  --  This one depends on the weather.  Usually I'm a t-shirt and shorts girl.....but if the weather is cold, I will trade the shorts for sweatpants.

5.  Fave summer beverage?  --  Strawberry lemonade

6.  Would you rather be hot or cold?  --  I would definitely rather be hot. I'm ALWAYS cold and I hate it.  I find it so much easier to warm up than to cool down.

7.  Sandals with heels or flats?  --  I like to have a bit of a heel in my sandals or dress shoes.  Being 7 inches shorter than my husband, I don't mind having a bit of a boost.

8.  Shorts or skirts?  --  Shorts mostly, but given the right venue, a skirt is totally appropriate.

9.  Sit in the sun or the shade?  --  If it's not too hot, the sun is always preferred, but on 30+ days, I like having the shade nearby.

10.  Water, tea, or soda?  --  Of these choices, water wins hands down.

11.  Favorite summer fruit or vegetable?  -- It's probably a tie between cherries and blueberries.....but I love ALL seasonal fruit.

12.  Sunrise or sunset? --  I think they are both lovely, but if I absolutely had to choose one, I would have to say sunrise. 

13.  Bike ride or walk?  --  Walking.  I feel like I miss too much when riding a bike.  Walking allows me to take my time.

14.  Winery or brewery?  --  Well, I don't drink either wine or beer, but I've enjoyed days and meals at wineries, and I find the atmosphere very relaxing, so I guess I would go with winery.

15.  Garden or no garden?  --  I love garden fresh veggies, but I hate gardening, so I will go with no garden.

16.  Big summer concert or music festival in the park?  --  I love the atmosphere of park festivals.  They are so much fun, and a lot less hectic than big summer concerts.

17.  Fave cookout food?  --  I love corn on the cob, chili, and fun takes on salads.

18.  Dine indoors or patio?  --  Patios are the best place to spend warm summer days.

19.  Favorite summer destination?  --  I love to travel.  I doesn't matter where.....anywhere that takes me to a new place is where I want to go.

20.  Big theme park or local carnival?  --  Well, I see advantages to both.  However, local carnivals often have local vendors, which I always like to support.

21.  Drinks blended or on the rocks?  --  Blended drinks are the best.  No question.

22.  Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice?  --  Grape!  

23.  Hot dog or hamburger?  --  That's not even a question.  Burgers are dogs are just nasty.

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