Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Listen to the Bananas

So I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest about how you can lightly trace notes on a banana skin, and then the next day they will show up like magic.

The person writing the tip suggested writing sweet notes for your kids on their bananas.  I promptly went and traced notes on all of our bananas and then immediately forgot about it, until the next day when I heard Ross screaming about how the bananas were talking to him.

I acted like he was insane and like I couldn’t see any notes on the bananas, and asked if maybe he needed to go lay down and rest, but then he was all “I recognize your handwriting, dumb-ass.  Why are you writing threatening letters on the bananas?” and I was like “Because we were out of post-its?”  

But then I finally admitted that I was just practicing, because I thought it would be funny to write paranoid demands on bananas at the grocery store, so that when people get them home they’ll be all “What the Hell?  Are these bananas talking to me?  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”  

Then Ross just shook his head and walked out of the room.  Probably because he couldn’t stand how awesome I am.

I suppose you could also write sweet, complimentary things on anonymous bananas, like “You’re so beautiful” and junk, but honestly I think having a banana hitting on me would be way creepier than one telling me to “Act natural.  You’ll be contacted soon.”  It’s probably just me.

Also, I can only think of about 6 things to write on stranger’s bananas so if you have any suggestions, please leave them.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ryker's Baptism

Today was a wonderful, awesome, fantastic day.  Today Ryker was baptised and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We were lucky that so many friends and family were there.  Ryker had his dad, brothers and I, his grandparents, his 2 uncles and soon-to-be auntie, 3 great-uncles and aunties and a bunch of cousins.....his best friend, Corbin, even made it over to our house for lunch afterwards.

The day started with Ryker waking up and immediately wanting to get his church clothes on and get ready.  This was at about 7 am and we didn't have to be to the church until 10.  But first, we had to go pick up his cake.  A girlfriend of mine from high school is a pretty talented little cake maker, so I asked her if she thought she could whip up a cake that resembled a CTR ring, and boy did she deliver.  Ryker said it was the most awesome cake he had ever seen.

So once we had the cake in hand, we headed to the church where Ryker and his dad got into their whites and we were ready for a baptism.

Grandma did a really cool photostory slideshow with pictures of Ryker and she and Carlos both gave amazing talks.  The spirit was very strong, and daddy did a fantastic job too.  I'm not sure if it was me, but I'm pretty sure that Grandma and Grandpa Court were sitting in that room with us all.  It was a very special and wonderful day.  And now our ENTIRE family are baptised and confirmed members of the church.  How awesome is that?!?

After leaving the church, we all came back to our place for some BBQ burgers and snacks.  It was a great time.

Ryker had a lot of fun playing with his cousins.

Uncle Jon and Auntie Brandy drove all the way down from Leduc to be with us.  They are pretty awesome and we are really looking forward to their wedding this fall.

Auntie Liz and Uncle Dean were there and really helped us out with the program and  the baptism.  We are sure lucky to have such an amazing and loving family.

We had some good BBQ, and salads, and cakes, and pop.  Yup, we like to eat.

Uncle Jon played around on the little guitar that we brought him back from Jamaica.

Jon and Drew were their typical nerdy selves.....

Mark an Linds came with their kids, and what a sweet group of kids they are.

Ryker and Jackson had a lot of fun playing together.  Can you believe that Ryker is twice his age?!?  I know, it's crazy.  That Jackson is going to be one tall dude.....kinda like his daddy.

And of course no awesome family day is complete without the beautiful grandma.  We love her to all the infinities.

Tami and her family got Ryker a neat activity book for him to do -- I think it will be a great, and still reverent distraction for Ryker when he gets a little restless in sacrament meeting.

Ryker LOVED having Uncle Jon here.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that he spent a good hour trying to convince them not to go back to Leduc.

In fact, he loves his Uncle Jon so much, that he tries to be cool "just like Uncle Jon Jon".

Uncle Steve was there too.  It's too bad he had to go back to work and couldn't stay for lunch.

I think I titled this picture "The Princess and the Popcycle".  I'm not sure why, though.  But I do know that we love our sweet, little Natalie and always have fun when she comes over to visit.

So as you can see, it was a fabulous, wonderful day and we are so grateful and proud of Ryker for making this important choice and big step in his life.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Love

Before I had children, I always visualized how my husband would be as a Father. I knew he would be loving, supportive, fun and protective to our children. But there was one thing that I never expected.

To fall in love with him all over again!

There is something about watching your husband interact with your children.  My husband is such a “manly man” so when I see him playing tickle monster with the boys, being silly with them and acting like a goofball or even watching him sit with them while reading a bed time story, it completely melts my heart.

I really admire the Father that he is:

He always takes time out of his busy schedule to “teach” the boys. It could be as simple as playing a game, explaining to them how something works or showing them something completely new.

He knows how to have fun with them. At times I am not sure who is the bigger kid Daddy or the boys?

He is always up for taking them on fun little adventures even if it means jumping into something right after work, when you know he'd rather be relaxing.

He loves being silly with them or trying to make them laugh.  And it has to speak volumes that our 15 year old son is still willing to hug him and say "I love you".  He has learned from his dad that it is okay for a man to be affectionate, no matter how hold you get.

So thank you, husband.  You are a fantastic father, role model and friend to our boys.  Thank you for teaching them, loving them, and showing them what a real man is.  You are truly a blessing in all of our lives and we all love you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Not Sure This Is Sending the Right Message

One of my friends sent me this website where you can upload your picture and it’ll show you what you’re gonna look like in 20 years and you totally shouldn’t do it because first of all I don’t think they take the ready availability of plastic surgery into account, and secondly? I’m pretty sure they just assume I’m not going to live that long and so instead they’ve decided to show me what I’ll look like after the zombie apocalypse.

The website also gives you the option of seeing you how you’d look if you’d spent the next 20 years as a drug addict.  For real.  I kid you not, it was freaky looking.  But it was cool showing my kids what they would "look like" if they ever did drugs.  I think it kind of scared them straight.

I can only assume that instead of aging you, this website was actually designed to give you an idea of what it would look like if you and Andy Rooney had a baby or got stuck in that machine from “The Fly” together.  In fact, it was probably called “You and Andy Rooney had a baby” until the website owners realized that no one actually wants to have a baby with Andy Rooney and so they just changed the name.

Also, Ross just told me that he wants a divorce because now he thinks that I’m not going to age well and I pointed out that the software doesn’t even recognize his face as being human so maybe he should stop being so damn judgmental and concentrate on how we’re going to get Ryker into an arranged marriage now while he’s still adorable.  Then he made me get out of the office.  Thanks a lot YouandAndyRooneyHadaBaby.com.  You have ruined my marriage.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Fifteen years (yikes!) into motherhood, and I am growing in this role.  I no longer quiver when faced with a bleeding (or vomiting) child.  I no longer tremble when challenged by hungry, filthy, bored , warring boys that seem to gain monstrous strength with each and every passing  second.  No,  I have grown in mothering just as my boys flourish with each passing milestone,  every grown inch, each hard won, exhausting, monumental, accomplishment.  I stand in wide mouthed awe, amazed that, in spite of myself, their growth leaves me behind, small; but oh, so very much beloved!  And someday, rather soon, I suppose, they will tower over me: souvenir of time's passage; my own growth.

Friday, June 1, 2012

An Open Letter To The Weeds


What the hell.

Do we have to go through this every year? The weather is kinda decent, I go out to my front walk and you're all: "We're here and we're ready to party".

Didn't I make my intentions clear last year? Don't you remember the RoundUp, the WeedBGone, the weeding pail, the sweating?

Don't you see how we keep repeating old patterns?  You show up, I kill you. You show up again, I kill you again. What part of "I will kill you" do you not understand?

Don't you have any dignity? Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed for you. By the way, The Mulch totally agrees with me.

So, I'd appreciate it if we could just get on with our lives.   I think you'd be happier at another house.

- Erin

p.s. do not text me.

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