Saturday, June 9, 2012


Fifteen years (yikes!) into motherhood, and I am growing in this role.  I no longer quiver when faced with a bleeding (or vomiting) child.  I no longer tremble when challenged by hungry, filthy, bored , warring boys that seem to gain monstrous strength with each and every passing  second.  No,  I have grown in mothering just as my boys flourish with each passing milestone,  every grown inch, each hard won, exhausting, monumental, accomplishment.  I stand in wide mouthed awe, amazed that, in spite of myself, their growth leaves me behind, small; but oh, so very much beloved!  And someday, rather soon, I suppose, they will tower over me: souvenir of time's passage; my own growth.


The Samples Sampler said...

Good for you on the not quivering at vomit thing. I told Ryan that I would only marry him if he agreed to clean up any vomit. He agreed. I even wanted it worked into our vows somehow. I think he thinks I was joking. I wasn't!

Anonymous said...

um.....they ALREADY tower over you....Andrew even towers over ME... ;)

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