Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Love

Before I had children, I always visualized how my husband would be as a Father. I knew he would be loving, supportive, fun and protective to our children. But there was one thing that I never expected.

To fall in love with him all over again!

There is something about watching your husband interact with your children.  My husband is such a “manly man” so when I see him playing tickle monster with the boys, being silly with them and acting like a goofball or even watching him sit with them while reading a bed time story, it completely melts my heart.

I really admire the Father that he is:

He always takes time out of his busy schedule to “teach” the boys. It could be as simple as playing a game, explaining to them how something works or showing them something completely new.

He knows how to have fun with them. At times I am not sure who is the bigger kid Daddy or the boys?

He is always up for taking them on fun little adventures even if it means jumping into something right after work, when you know he'd rather be relaxing.

He loves being silly with them or trying to make them laugh.  And it has to speak volumes that our 15 year old son is still willing to hug him and say "I love you".  He has learned from his dad that it is okay for a man to be affectionate, no matter how hold you get.

So thank you, husband.  You are a fantastic father, role model and friend to our boys.  Thank you for teaching them, loving them, and showing them what a real man is.  You are truly a blessing in all of our lives and we all love you.

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