Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wanted Poster

Wanted Dead or Alive


Aliases: Me time, leisure time, naptime, shower time, curled-up-with-a-book-time, down time, shopping time, occasional-spa-time, wasting time, killing time, vegging time

Last seen: Heading south of the border with partner in crime, “My Spare Cash”

Reward: Am short on cash (see above), but am willing to clean, vacuum or fold laundry for whomever apprehends suspect. After all, if caught I will have the time.

Wanted for: Cruel abandonment and petty theft (see above)

Description: Has that "just back from the islands" pre-kids glow, drink in hand, looking for the next party

Watch out ladies everywhere! You could be next. Crime usually occurs shortly after storky visit.

Not armed, not dangerous…but certainly wanted….NOW!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Wednesday......Just Because

OK, you can all stop sending me emails and calling my house asking if everything is OK.

You can stop the mushy notes telling me how much you miss me and how badly you want me to blog again.

I'm here.

I'm still alive.

I'm just a little busy with three brats at home for the summer who require so much of my time and energy.

Is it September yet?

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