Thursday, October 29, 2015

Let Me Tell You About My Perfect World

Obviously, in a truly perfect for ME world, I would be wealthy enough to never have to work again.  I could travel the world, read books on the beach, volunteer, explore,  and enjoy every minute that this life has to offer.....and I would eat and drink what I wanted an never gain an ounce. Other than that, here are some things you would find in MY perfect world:

Food & Drink
Pasta, pizza, popcorn, salt and vinegar chips, Dr, Pepper, cheese, steaks and baked potatoes would be the healthy no-cal food.  But I'd also eat ALL the veggies....because they are delicious.  Well, except brussel sprouts.  Nasty.

The Human Condition and Governance
No one would be hungry, dirty, abused, neglected, illiterate, forgotten, lonely homeless, or dealing with serious illness or addiction.

All children would be safe and loved. and no parent would have to ever outlive their child.  People would not be allowed to abuse the system(s) for any reason.

Rich, old white men would not rule everything.  There truly would be equality for ALL races, religions, creeds, and orientations.  Under this would also fall equal pay for equal work

Violent crimes including rape, murder, and child molestation would not exist.

Government officials would turn blue when they told a lie, and there would be term limits in place for said officials.  Presidents, prime ministers, and other heads of state would no longer get health insurance and pensions for life.  Time to start saving your own dollars and building a retirement fund....because right now, you are also a lazy ass who is abusing the system.  (Hey, I just call it like I see it).

The work week would be 4 days long, and every weekend would be a 3-day weekend.

Standard vacation time would be 4 weeks to start, and everyone would get a week of sick time.  All of this would rollover year to year if it wasn't used.

No one would have to work on their birthday.

Allergies would not exist

I would eat and drink whatever I wanted and be healthy and slim...and everything in my closet would look amazing on me.

I would be able to thrive on 5 hours of sleep a night

My kids would live close enough to always have Sunday dinner at home.

**sigh**  It's a lovely dream, isn't it?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dorothy Zbornak is my Spirit Animal

So, the other day I was doing some laundry in my room and half listening to the TV droning on behind me.  It was an old rerun of a Golden Girls episode.  I have to admit that in my younger days, I used to watch this show when there was nothing else on TV and I was bored, but I never really understood the innuendo and nuances until I was much older.

Anyway, later that afternoon, I was playing around on Facebook and this Buzzfeed quiz  popped up in my news I decided to take it.

I have to say, this is pretty spot on.....and exactly the one I figured I would get.  Allow me to elaborate on our similarities:

We both speak our minds and don't leave much room for interpretation in what we are saying.

Because we have a low tolerance for stupid people and the stupid things they sometimes do, we find it difficult (if not impossible) to not say what we feel and call people out on their crap.

Often times we can convey what's going on in our heads with just a look.

We love our friends like they're family.

We have an incredible bond with our mother.

We've learned not to give a crap what people think about us.....

Because we've accepted the fact that no matter what --

So, which Golden Girl to you most relate to?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Post Holiday Feels

The first day back at work after you've taken a couple of extra long weekend vacation days, can really be a punch to your gut.....and yesterday was no walk in the park.  But instead of whining about it, I've decided to express my feelings with some funny gifs, because gifs just make everything better.

When you have to wake up to an alarm clock for the first time in 5 days

 photo tumblr_inline_n1qvsnmnWg1rnvwt1.gif

When you've decided that you really need to add exercise to your weight loss plan

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-15048-1419700449-9.gif

When you realize you can't eat all of the things you did over the holidays

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-12779-1419700954-4.gif

When you get back to work and see the number of unread emails in you inbox

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-20032-1419701169-8.gif

When your annoying co-worker asks if you've had time to respond to their useless 8:15 am

 photo santana-upset.gif

When your supervisor changes plans for a project.....for the 5th time

 photo tumblr_mwf21pgqCY1t22y9lo1_400.gif

When you check the clock, and it's quitting time

 photo fHctp.gif

When your kids ask what's for dinner after 5 days of pizza, snack foods, and a TON of turkey

 photo giphy.gif

When you finally make it back to bed after your first day back at work

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-23950-1419701073-25.gif

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

No Boys Allowed!

OK......I am all for gender equality -- except when it comes to Pinterest.  You have to draw the line somewhere, and the hallowed ground of Pinterest is it.  Men just don't belong there.  They need to leave pinning to the professionals: ladies.

Whenever I see that a male acquaintance or family member has joined Pinterest, I cringe; both inwardly, and outwardly.  It isn't right, and it shouldn't be allowed. 

Aside from my husband (who I would follow to the ends of the earth), you will NEVER see me follow a guy on Pinterest; even if they follow me.  I will not be guilted in to that garbage/  Nope, I will straight up blacklist you.  Typically, men won't be pinning the good stuff anyway.  I mean, why do I want to follow sports stats, cars, and chicks in bikinis anyway? 

To me, Pinterest is a virtual Ladie's Night.  Men don't belong at Ladies Night unless they are delivering food, serving booze, or providing entertainment.

That's just my two cents.......and feel free to follow me on Pinterest! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Man Behind the Mayhem

I know there are many posts our there in the blogosphere posting about the bloggers' significant others.  I don't often give Ross enough credit, kudos, or acknowledgement here.....and what with our anniversary coming up next weekend, I thought I would let you get to know a little more about the man who has put up with me for the last almost 20 years.  So, I asked him a few questions, and here are his responses.

1. Socks with sandals; yes or no?  
-- Yes....I totally brought that look back.  I've rocked that look for the past 3 years.  (However, he wears them, under pants, not with shorts, and only because due to his leg bandaging, he can't wear regular shoes comfortably.)

2.  Where is your dream vacation?
-- Somewhere with white sand, blue water, a balmy 80 degrees, and a cold drink in my hand.

3.  Which of the 7 dwarfs do you most identify with?
--  Grumpy

4.  Which Disney princess do you think is the hottest?
--  The little mermaid....she's a princess, right?  You know I like my redheads.

5.  What are your five favorite movies?
--  Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, The Star Wars series, the Star Trek Series, an Marvel movie...except Ant Man.  Ant Man is lame.

6.  If you could own any exotic car, what would it be?
--  The BMW Z8

7.  If you were to pack up and move somewhere new without worrying about a job or finances, where would you go?
--  Hawaii

8.  If you were going to start a blog, what would you write about?
--  Writing is not my thing.  There is nothing that I would want to write about.

9.  Which famous actor do you have a "man crush" on?
--  My mind doesn't think that way.  I've NEVER thought of another guy like that.

10.  What item on your bucket list do you most look forward to "crossing off"?
--  I want to live long enough to see the men my boys turn out to be.  Who will they marry?  Will they have kids?  Are they good or bad?  What profession?  How they turn out will tell me what kind of father I was.

11.  If you could be a member of any band, who would you join and what would you play?
--  I would love to be a guitarist with KISS or the lead singer of Genesis or AC/DC

12.  What do you remember about our first date?
--  I remember your cleavage over the pool table.  (Sigh -- yes I apparently married a boob man).

13.  What has been the most memorable thing we've done together?
--  We've done a lot of those kinds of things.  Moving to the States was kind of huge for us.  Life was great, and allowed us to do a LOT of things that we still talk about. (Graceland, the Texas State Fair, the Grande Ole Opry, and Nashville just to name a few).

14.  What is your favorite thing about me?
-- How good you are to me.  You're better than I deserve sometimes.

15.  What is one thing you want people to know about you?
--  I want people to know that I was a good dad, despite the things my health wouldn't allow me to do.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Goodbye 30 degrees and sunny.....I will miss my sunkissed shoulders and my warm drives home.

Goodbye tank tops, shorts, and sundresses

Goodbye back to school insanity

Goodbye 27 pounds I've lost.  I hope to never find you again.

Goodbye summer decor

Hello crisp, cool mornings

Hello beautiful fall foliage.  "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"

Hello pumpkin flavored everything

Hello cute sweaters....and jackets....and boots

Hello continued journey to good health

Easy Ways To Be Happy

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