Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Man Behind the Mayhem

I know there are many posts our there in the blogosphere posting about the bloggers' significant others.  I don't often give Ross enough credit, kudos, or acknowledgement here.....and what with our anniversary coming up next weekend, I thought I would let you get to know a little more about the man who has put up with me for the last almost 20 years.  So, I asked him a few questions, and here are his responses.

1. Socks with sandals; yes or no?  
-- Yes....I totally brought that look back.  I've rocked that look for the past 3 years.  (However, he wears them, under pants, not with shorts, and only because due to his leg bandaging, he can't wear regular shoes comfortably.)

2.  Where is your dream vacation?
-- Somewhere with white sand, blue water, a balmy 80 degrees, and a cold drink in my hand.

3.  Which of the 7 dwarfs do you most identify with?
--  Grumpy

4.  Which Disney princess do you think is the hottest?
--  The little mermaid....she's a princess, right?  You know I like my redheads.

5.  What are your five favorite movies?
--  Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, The Star Wars series, the Star Trek Series, an Marvel movie...except Ant Man.  Ant Man is lame.

6.  If you could own any exotic car, what would it be?
--  The BMW Z8

7.  If you were to pack up and move somewhere new without worrying about a job or finances, where would you go?
--  Hawaii

8.  If you were going to start a blog, what would you write about?
--  Writing is not my thing.  There is nothing that I would want to write about.

9.  Which famous actor do you have a "man crush" on?
--  My mind doesn't think that way.  I've NEVER thought of another guy like that.

10.  What item on your bucket list do you most look forward to "crossing off"?
--  I want to live long enough to see the men my boys turn out to be.  Who will they marry?  Will they have kids?  Are they good or bad?  What profession?  How they turn out will tell me what kind of father I was.

11.  If you could be a member of any band, who would you join and what would you play?
--  I would love to be a guitarist with KISS or the lead singer of Genesis or AC/DC

12.  What do you remember about our first date?
--  I remember your cleavage over the pool table.  (Sigh -- yes I apparently married a boob man).

13.  What has been the most memorable thing we've done together?
--  We've done a lot of those kinds of things.  Moving to the States was kind of huge for us.  Life was great, and allowed us to do a LOT of things that we still talk about. (Graceland, the Texas State Fair, the Grande Ole Opry, and Nashville just to name a few).

14.  What is your favorite thing about me?
-- How good you are to me.  You're better than I deserve sometimes.

15.  What is one thing you want people to know about you?
--  I want people to know that I was a good dad, despite the things my health wouldn't allow me to do.

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