Monday, October 26, 2015

Dorothy Zbornak is my Spirit Animal

So, the other day I was doing some laundry in my room and half listening to the TV droning on behind me.  It was an old rerun of a Golden Girls episode.  I have to admit that in my younger days, I used to watch this show when there was nothing else on TV and I was bored, but I never really understood the innuendo and nuances until I was much older.

Anyway, later that afternoon, I was playing around on Facebook and this Buzzfeed quiz  popped up in my news I decided to take it.

I have to say, this is pretty spot on.....and exactly the one I figured I would get.  Allow me to elaborate on our similarities:

We both speak our minds and don't leave much room for interpretation in what we are saying.

Because we have a low tolerance for stupid people and the stupid things they sometimes do, we find it difficult (if not impossible) to not say what we feel and call people out on their crap.

Often times we can convey what's going on in our heads with just a look.

We love our friends like they're family.

We have an incredible bond with our mother.

We've learned not to give a crap what people think about us.....

Because we've accepted the fact that no matter what --

So, which Golden Girl to you most relate to?

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