Wednesday, October 7, 2015

No Boys Allowed!

OK......I am all for gender equality -- except when it comes to Pinterest.  You have to draw the line somewhere, and the hallowed ground of Pinterest is it.  Men just don't belong there.  They need to leave pinning to the professionals: ladies.

Whenever I see that a male acquaintance or family member has joined Pinterest, I cringe; both inwardly, and outwardly.  It isn't right, and it shouldn't be allowed. 

Aside from my husband (who I would follow to the ends of the earth), you will NEVER see me follow a guy on Pinterest; even if they follow me.  I will not be guilted in to that garbage/  Nope, I will straight up blacklist you.  Typically, men won't be pinning the good stuff anyway.  I mean, why do I want to follow sports stats, cars, and chicks in bikinis anyway? 

To me, Pinterest is a virtual Ladie's Night.  Men don't belong at Ladies Night unless they are delivering food, serving booze, or providing entertainment.

That's just my two cents.......and feel free to follow me on Pinterest! 

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