Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 10

Alright, so by the time we hit the top 10, we should be hearing the best of the best....don't you think? Sadly, last nights show left me really disappointed. Let's take a look at how R&B Night when down.

For starters......Usher as a mentor. OK, I get it. And not an entirely bad choice. But dude.....wearing sunglasses inside. Really lame, okay.

*Siobhan -- "Through the Fire": Wow! Was she ever off her game tonight. Every note was flat, and like Simon, I'm getting bored with her high note climax. I hated her makeover for the night. It seemed to rob her of the quirkiness that makes us all attracted to her. The whole thing was just really painful for me to watch.

*Casey -- "Hold On, I'm Comin": This guy is really growing on me. He tended to get drowned out at times by the background music and singers, but I really actually enjoyed this performance. He needs to lose the Cheshire cat smile that he can't seem to wipe off his face. However, tonight I actually saw him as a believeable rockstar.

*Big Mike -- "Ready for Love": I seriously love his voice. I think he made a wise move pulling out the guitar again. The arrangement on this particular song was a bit slow, and I think that Mike needs to branch away from ballads a bit more. But I don't see him going home any time soon.

*Didi -- "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted": OK, this girl should never sing R&B ever again. I hated the entire thing. She had no soul at all. I was totally bored and think she may be in real trouble.

*Tim -- "Sweet Love": Again, not enough soul in his voice to pull this off. I think this was probably one of the worst song choices of the season. He's in trouble too.

*Andrew -- Welcome back, buddy. We missed you. This is the Andrew that deserved to be in the competition. If he keeps this up, he will be sticking around for a long time.

*Katie -- "Chain of Fools": She doesn't have enough grit for this song. And.....what that a skort? What the heck is she wearing?!? Randy is on crack. There is no way she even holds a candle to Christina Aguilara. She sings like a robot. I'm getting sick of her real quick. Way to go Simon. I love when someone tells it like it is.

*Lee -- "Treat her like a Lady": I liked it. I know I give him a hard time for sounding just like Chad Kroeger....but it was great. He had me dancing in my seat.

*Crystal -- "Midnight Train to Georgia": Damn! I love this girl. She just has ''it''. Total class act.....head and shoulders above everyone else in the competition. Love, love, love her.

*Aaron -- "Ain't no Sunshine": This boy has mad talent, but it's hard to make a teenage white boy sound believable in the R&B genre. I think his song choice was a huge misake, but I still really love him.

At the end of the night, I have a feeling it will be Tim or Didi going home.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Seriously? Was it really that funny?!?

OK, I never knew what a response my blog post "Out of the Mouths of Parents" would garner. But I have recieved a slew of emails about it. Most people wanting to share their own experiences and thanking me for letting them know that they aren't the only ones who shake their heads at some of the things that come out of their own mouths.

That got me thinking. I'm sure there are a few more gems I could share with you. Any of you who are raising only boys will surely appreciate a few of these....and as before, I promise you that each of these things have been uttered by me at some point in my almost 13 years of motherhood. What have you said to your kids that has made you scratch your head and think “did I really just have to say that?”

Stop making butt prints on the shower, window, snow, (it goes on and on).

No you cannot pee together.

Get off your brother’s neck (back, head, foot, leg, hand) he is not a toy (rocket, dinosaur, car, dude from Star Wars).

Do not hit your brother in the head with a ball (again).

No you can’t bump butts in the bathtub (shower or when getting your PJ’s on)

Stop calling your brother like he’s the dog.

Get your hands out of your pants.

Don’t touch your penis at the table.

Will you find your brother please?

Call the dog and make him clean up the cheerios (grilled cheese, noodles, cookies well you get the point).

Put it away, nobody wants to look at it.

Shut the door, nobody wants to watch you poop.

Did you wipe?

Did you wash your hands?

With Soap?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 11

Alright, so originally I had heard that the theme of the night was music by teen idols. I was really happy to find out that it was actually "Billboard Hot 100's Number 1 Hits". True to that is the song I would have sang, if I was on the show last night:

Anyway, before I get to the contestants, let me say how much I loved Kara's boots. So cute. OK. That's out of my system, here we go.


OK, well it appears that I have lost my note sheet for todays blog, so I'm going to have to wing it from memory.

After watching the entire show, I think that the contestants have decided on taking poor song choices to all new heights. I mean, they had such a broad base to work with. I mean, seriously. Huey Lewis and Linda Ronstadt?!? Really?!? Ugh.

The bottom three were definately Tim, Andrew and Paige. The three of them were absolutely horrific with Paige completely wanting me to give up on the Idol franchise all together. She can only blame illness and bronchitis for so long before America just needs to wake up and realize that the girl can't sing.

Then there were the "Average Joe's " of the night: Didi, Katie, Aaron and Lee. Granted Katie did choose a more current song, but she still pretty much butchered it. And while Didi didn't sing her best of the night......I completely fell in love with her boots too. I know this isn't America's Next Top Model, but the women in boots were fierce last night.

Finally the icing on the cake of the evening was Mike, Crystal and Siobhan. I have a feeling that this group will be your top three to the end of the season. Call it a hunch, or maybe just the fact that these are the only three that seem to have any real chops or passion at all. I have to completely disagree with what the judges said about Big Mike. I thought his "When a Man loves a woman" was completely heartfelt and full of depth. It was one of my favorite performances of the season so far. Crystal kept herself up on top with "Me and Bobby McGee". I think it was wise of her to pull out Joplin, which is definately right in her wheelhouse. It's going to be interesting to see her without her guitar next week. And just an amazing little weirdo. She's got massive star power and can belt out a note like nobody's business. But the screaming in every song really needs to stop. She needs to know when to bring that little secret weapon out and when not to.

Anyway, not looking forward to hearing Miley Cyrus sing at the results show. Don't care much for her or her music. But I think if Paige doesn't end up going home tonight, I may have to put a sharp projectile through my brain.....or throw a shoe at the television.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment

I've said it before, that I really have to search sometimes to see myself in my children. I think it's the gender difference or something. But today, something happened that reminded me that just because they are not girls, doesn't mean that they can't take after their mother.

I love writing. It's always been somewhat of a passion of mine. (Ahem, as is obvious by this blog I've had for almost 3 yrs)

Well today, my 9 yr old recieved and award today in school. What was the reward for you may ask. Well, it was.....wait for it......CREATIVE WRITING of course!!! I was soooo proud.

The certificate he recieved said that he was "being recognized for the exciting, descriptive story" that he wrote. It said that "as he shared his story, students were waiting to hear the interesting ending".

Seriously people......this is a HUGE accomplishment for my middle boy, who hasn't always been fond of school or any of the assignments that came with it.

And then, to top off his fabulous day, he also recieved a second award from the Kiwanis Club for "demonstrating a positive attitude, good character, and responsible citizenship".

Way to go, Rand. Your mother is very, very proud.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Declaration of Independence

Sometimes you just need to tell people who you are in order to remind yourself.

I, Mother of Mayhem, being of sound mind and body, do declare myself to be me in the face of you.

*Let me be messy and moody and seamlessly emotional.

*Let me be restless in my own skin and wake up searching.

*Find me laying late at night under the stars and let it not be a question what I'm doing there.

*Understand me without explanation or justification.

*Let me take up photography and design and dreaming, even when I'm not good at them.

*Don't wonder why I can't take your calls during American Idol or House.

*See me through the constant turmoil and eclectic happiness of one love.

*Let me not feel foolish for refusing to see boundaries in certain areas of my life.

*Sit with me while I reveal profound moments in days and relationships and sit longer still while I appreciate them. Appreciate them with me.

*Love my lack of self-control when it comes to my children.

*Don't look at me funny when I cry in theaters.

*Find my inability to parallel park endearing.

*Don't discount my quiet insecurities and my loud stubborness.

*Let me withhold and disclose at arbitrary moments.

*Practice with me the language of candor and of passion and of sincerity and depth that I've learned over the years.

*Embrace my inability to give up without a fight.

*Laugh with me at the same jokes.

*Accept my interest in things unjust and controversial, and embrace my love of causes for the underdog.

*Look past my passive agressive side and my proclivity for wanting to beat you at your own games.

*Let me have my hereditary insomnia love of yardwork, and need to always be busy.

*Give me my cheesy entertainment magazines, decorating books with dog-eared pages and scribbled in self help books.

*Question with me when I wonder about the hows, whens and whys. And then know why I must live a life so inquisitive.

*Remember that jaded and cynical are not terminal states of me.

*Let you not ruin my love for sappy, romantic gestures and the notion I carry that love can still be breathtaking.

And above all...let me be. Me.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dirty Laundry

Come and listen to a story 'bout the Momma of Mayhem
A poor mom of three, tried to keep from killing them.
Then one day she was cleaning up their roomd,
And down from the sky came a flood of doom and gloom.

Laundry, that is. Grass stains. Ketchup spills.

Well the first thing you know 'ol Momma's a cranky gal,
Kinfolk said "better than a root canal"
Said "cold water and high efficiency"
So she loaded up the clothes and plead mental deficiency.

Mommy brain, that is. Lack of sleep. Raging hormones.

Well now it's time to say goodbye to Momma and all her brood
And they'd like to thank you folks for turning 'round the mood.
You're all invited back again to this here crazy blog
Where Momma Mayhem attempts to let her crowded brain unclog.

Share stories, that is. Stay a while. Laugh a little.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

Idol Chatter -- The Top 12

OK, let's get right down to business about tonights show. As a huge Rolling Stones fan, I was really looking forward to tonight. I couldn't find the actual song that I would have sung, this one will have to do:

OK, so on to the contestants:

*Big Mike -- "Miss You": Well, he's fun to watch, but I wasn't 100% sold on this. He's an amazing performer, but his falsetto is a little odd sometimes. I owuld have loved to hear him try "Jumpin' Jack Flash" instead.

*Didi -- "Playing With Fire": Well, originally I thought that Lacey would sing this song, but it was actually done really well by Didi. I loved the way she played up to the camera, and the vocals were really well done.

*Casey -- "It's all Over Now": He's definately most comfortable with this "country" style of vocals. I quite liked this performance and seeing him break out a bit. I think if he sticks with this type of vibe, he'll do really well in the competition.

*Lacey -- "Ruby Tuesday": zzzzzzzz........oh, sorry. I fell asleep there for a sec. I hated the arrangement, hated the vocals. The whole thing was a hot mess. Her end note was flat before the run. And her outfit was really distracting. Why was she wearing a corset and skirt over a shirt and pants? Weird.

*Andrew -- "Gimme Shelter": If nothing else, it was nice to finally hear him singing a song not originally done by a woman. I think he probably could have done a bit more with this, but it was pretty good. Randy said it was pitchy all over.....but I didn't hear a bit of pitchiness. Ellen was absolutely right. This was his best performance since he did "Straight Up".

Katie -- "Wild Horses": I don't think this was near as good as the judges claimed it to be. I was bored...didn't care for his one bit. And her dress was a bit too "Little House on the Prairie".

*Time -- "Under my Thumb": I didn't care for the "reggae" style that this arrangement took. I still think that he is way too nasally. Another boring performance.

*Siobhan -- "Paint it Black": I know a lot of people are probably going to really hate what she did with this, but I LOVED it. It was visually, lyrically and theatrically amazing. I liked all of it. I think she has a bit too much nasal sound to her voice as well, but still the best performance of the night.

*Lee -- "Beast of Burden": He is another one who is too nasally for my liking. He sounds just like Creed and Nickelback....another basic, boring performance.

*Paige -- "Honkey Tonk Woman": It sucked! Hated the whole thing. There is no way that this girl should be here instead of Lilly. 'Nuff said!

*Aaron -- "Angie": Finally, something not completely boring. I really like this kid, and I think he did well. This was a nice, sweet melodic performance. Nothing bad to say.

*Crystal -- "You Can't Always get What you Want": I love this chick. She is always on her game, even when she's distracted. I thought this was awesome!!

So there you have it folks......if there is a God of American Idol than Tim and Paige will be going home this week. What are your thoughts?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Parents

Yesterday, while chatting online with a few other mom friends, the topic of 'I never thought I'd say that' came up. One of the moms, who is a teacher, got things started with a few statements she says she never would have imagined herself saying.

"Stop farting on his head," and "there will be no more licking her," were two she shared.

I got to thinking, I'm sure there are many things parents say that, pre-children, would have never left our lips. Here are a few that come to my mind from several conversations in this household:

"That is meant for the toilet, not your mouth."

"Why would you do that to your brother's bum?"

"Do you think Santa likes that tongue?"

"No, babies do not come out of your bum."(there seem to be a lot of bum related comments...hmmm...)

"If you keep doing that, your face will stay like that." (Did I actually use this one? Yes, sadly.)

"The plants don't want to eat your dinner."

"Wait right here. I have to deal with the poop explosion upstairs first."

"Don't pick at it or it will never heal."

"Stop catching your fart."

"Pick your own nose."

"Don't bite him, he's just a baby."

"You think this is mean?!"

"You can get kicked out of school for peeing on a tree during recess."

"Quit stealing all the plastic baggies!"

"No, you may not pop your brother's head like a grape."

"Who told you about butt cheese?"

"Stop licking my leg!"

"If letting him dip his pancakes into his orange juice means he eats a decent breakfast, then so be it."

"What do you mean you accidentally picked your nose?"

This is but a sampling of the amazing way we communicate with our children. I'm sure that in some far off galaxy they are hearing transmissions of these very phrases and thinking "we are *so* not getting in touch with that planet!"

I'm sure I can't be the only one with a weirdo family. Please share with me some of the off-the-wall things that have been heard in your houses.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 8 Guys

Amazing....I'm actually posting this on the right night. So, lets get right to it:

*Lee -- "Fireflies": I actually really like this song, but he was way too nasally and had a hard time catching his breath.....and he hit a LOT of flat notes. I don't know why the judges raved about this so much.

*Alex -- "Trouble": Again, too much nasal. I definately didn't like this as much as his performance last week. I thought it was really boring. It had repetative lyrics, showed no range and no emotion.

*Tim -- "Hallelujiah": I LOVE this song, and for the most part, he sang it well. His last note was a little shaky, but it was a decent performance.

*Andrew -- "Genie in a Bottle": Bizarre song choice; not sure what he was thinking there. I didn't really like it. The lyrics don't really work coming from a man. He sounded like a mediocre street busker. I wasn't really impressed, and like Randy said, it really showed no range.

*Casey -- "You'll Think of Me": I still think this guy has way too much vibrato and horrible breath control. He can't sustain a note to save his life. And his last note was flat. It just didn't work for me tonight, dawg.

*Aaron -- "I'm Already There": Now here's a kid who can sustain a note. WOW!! But Randy is right; his lower register needs a bit of work. The song was a bit too big for him, but he pulled it out okay. Hi5 to Simon for shutting Kara up. The judges really need to make up their minds about the advice they give these contestants.

*Todrick -- "Somebody to Love": I liked the interesting gospel vibe he put into this one. His falsetto at the beginning was nice, and his ending note was great. He was totally on his game tonight.

*Big Mike -- "This Womans Work": *sigh* I just love this guy. He has the best voice of the men, bar none. This song is a really hard one to do, but, dang, this boy can sing. He was awesome.

So, after debating a rewatching a couple of songs, I think my picks to be kicked off are Lee and Alex. What do you all think?

Idol Chatter: The Top 8 Girls

OK, so I'm a day late again. I will get better at this I promise. I guess I'll post the guys tonight after the show.

I guess tonight if I was singing, this would be my song choice:

Alright, on to the show. First off, wasn't it funny how uncomfortable Simon looked with Ellen nuzzling him on his lap? Ha ha ha!! Classic!

*Katie -- "Breakaway": She sounded flat throughout the entire song. I think Kelly Clarkson is one of those artists you don't try taking on unless you are a hardcore powerhouse performer. Sadly, Katie showed no real emotion. Boring performance.

*Siobhan -- "House of the Rising Sun": I hated the a capella in the beginning. She sang the song way too sweetly for what the song is about. Thank you, Simon, for saying like it really was: "dark and boring".

*Lacey -- "The Story": Her voice is starting to really get annoying. She reminds me of Snow White with the weird Betty Boop tone and the overuse of vibrato. This whole performance was boring. I hate people who sing out of their heads. The only person who can pull that off and sound good is Sarah McLaughlan.

*Katelyn -- "I Feel the Earth Move": Jokey, Hokey, Karaoke.......stupid, lame song choice. This is what Simon would call a "cruise ship" performance.

~~At this point, I would like to officially take back what I said about Ellen De Generes. I think she's actually been a pretty good addition to the show. She's quirky and funny and a lot less cracked out than Paula~~

*Didi -- "Rhiannon": A million times better than last week. She and Lacey have similar vocal styles, but Didi pulls it off so much better. I quite enjoyed that performance. It was a beautiful arrangement, and she did it really well.

*Paige -- "Smile": This is Ryker's favorite song, and he said "Momma, you sing this song way, way, way better than that girl". Anyway, she seemed really nervous singing this. Her face was terrified, her voice broke amid the shaky vibrato. It was really depressing considering it was a song about smiling.

*Crystal -- "Give Me One Reason": I LOVE her voice. She's great. It was a good song choice for her, and she killed. Probably my favorite of the entire night.

*Lilly -- "I Fall To Pieces": Umm......Lilly.....what happened? I t hought this was horrible. One of the worst of the night. It was too low for her in the beginning, and it was just weird. I didn't liek it at all.

So, I guess it's a pretty safe bet in my mind that Paige is going home. I would have to say the other one is likely going to be Katie, but I think Lilly could be in trouble too. I guess we'll have to see.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'll Tell You Where You Can Shove Your Opinion

One of the most common complaints among my mom friends is that people are always telling them what to do.

"You're going to spoil that kid...Shouldn't she be wearing socks?...Poor little thing, hasn't mommy fed you?...He should go to bed earlier..."

Imagine that! The stereotype of the nagging mother turned on its head! We’re not doing the ones doing the nagging…everybody else is!

I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I’ve been wondering why I’m in a constant pissy mood, and I’ve come to realize that it’s because everybody seems to think they would be better at my job than I am.

And ever since I’ve come to this realization I’ve been freed of some of the brewing pissy-ness. In fact, the more I think about this the more I start laughing to myself, not unlike a crazy lady. Because let's face it, whoever thinks that they can do my job better than I can is just plain wrong. My job description is very specific: To raise three particular little boys, the likes of which the world has never known, and never will see again.

I’m the only person who’s ever had this job, and while I’m not perfect at it by any stretch of the imagination, I’m the most experienced candidate. Also, despite the inevitable complaint here and there, I truly love it.

Now that I have a paying job, no one criticizes every single decision I made. It was assumed that I was qualified. Now that I’m a mother, it’s the exact opposite. Most people think that moms are guilty of incompetence until proven innocent.

Maybe it’s because so many people seem to think that parenting is so easy any idiot can do it.
It’s not true.

There is no way that anyone can raise my three boys better than I can. I don't care if the person judging me has raised 10 children or is childless and convinced when they have kids they will never (fill in the blank). Maybe they mean well, I don't know. All I know is that I didn't lose my brains the day I became pregnant.

So stop trying to tell me how to do my job. I'll ask for help when I need it.

The management thanks you for your understanding.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Some Days I'm Glad I Don't Have Daughters

I was watching a television talent show. There was a sweet little girl, about middle son's age (10ish). The little girl stepped out from behind the thick blue curtain, her striped shirt clung to her slightly protruding belly. Her thick brown hair was pulled back by a sparkly pink headband and she showed no signs of excitement, nor fear, when she grabbed the mike.

In fact, with no background music, it took me a second to register that she was singing:

"Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy,
Grab my glasses I'm out the door,
I'm gonna hit the city,
Before I leave I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack..."

**sound of needle scratching across an album in my head**

WHAT? What did she just say? I try to refocus.

"...Don't stop, make it pop,
DJ blow my speakers up,
Tonight, I'mma fight,
'til we see the sunlight,
Tick Tock, on the clock,
But the party don't stop, no..."

The song is by Ke$ha, one of the latest crop of pop stars, who isn't just a horrible songwriter, but a horrible role model. Like cigarettes, her music should come with a warning label--WARNING: KE$HA IS A SKANK WHO WRITES SHITTY SONGS ABOUT GETTING DRUNK AND GROPED AND YOU SHOULD NOT LET YOUR YOUNG DAUGHTER LISTEN TO HER.

Granted, it would be a big label, but still.

I started to rift in my head about how much worse the pop-stars of today are in terms of setting good examples for young girls, but then I remembered a scrappy, young, up-and-comer, from my youth:

I wonder what ever became of her.

Anyway, I'm not sure that the likes of Ke$ha, or Lady Gaga, or even Ms. Miley Cyrus are actually all that different than who I grew up listening to, except for one thing. We didn't have constant access (or Access Hollywood) to their image the way kids do today.

MTV was in its infancy when I was growing up, and we didn't always had cable. There were no cell phones or internet (or wheels). If you wanted to be negatively influenced by a celebrity then had to save up your money, get a ride to the mall to grab a record at the record store, and, of course, the latest issue of Teen Beat.

But the point is, I was horrified that the little girl on the stage, and more precisely her parents, felt it was an appropriate song to sing in this talent show.

I don't have a daughter, so maybe I'm being all judgey (which I'm allowed to, 'cuz it's my blog, yo) but I wondered if that girl had any idea what the lyrics she was singing meant. And quite frankly I think I'd be more horrified if she did, but certainly her mom and dad did.

Watching this girl singing about "crunking" and "her junk," made me so incredibly grateful that I have a son. Boys don't seem to try to emulate their favorite celebrities by dressing like them, or trying to be "sexy." The concept of sexy does not generally have a home in a prepubescent boy's mental roladex.

I'm sure my mother hated some of the music I listened to back in the day. But I managed to avoid teenage pregnancy, (barely), despite songs like "Like a Virgin." Sure I think you should Purell your TV after watching a Ke$ha video with your 8-year old little girl (actually I don't think you should be watching a Ke$ha video with an 8-year-old girl under any circumstance), and yes, Lady Gaga may be nutty as a fruit cake, but apparently even Queen Elizabeth digs her "Po-po-poker Face."

And if it's good enough for the original Diva, who am I to quibble?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 10 Girls

OK, lets get right down to it:

*Crystal -- "As long as I can see the Light": This song definately showed off her range and power ability. I'm not sure it held my attention completely, but her voice is really fantastic. Probably the best of the night with this performance.

*Haeley -- "The Climb": This girl is always flat. She started flat, she ended flat. I agree with Randy that she showed no connection to the song. She should have gone home last week, and she definately should go home this week.

*Lacey -- "Kiss Me": She has too much vibrato and I don't know how to describe it, but she sort of sing/talks through her songs. Her performances are never a nice pure singing vocal. Didn't really care for it.

*Katie -- "Put your Records on": I think the arrangement was a little low for her in places. But I really like her voice and I hope she stays around a while.

*Didi -- "Lean on Me": She plays around with her vocals too much for my taste. I didn't really care for this performance at all. I'm glad the judges agreed with me.

*Michelle -- "With Arms Wide Open": I didn't really like this one either. Why do all these people think that vocal acrobatis are what is going to make you or break you in this competition. Plus, the arrangement of this great rock ballad made it really boring. I didn't care for it at all.

*Lilly -- "Change is Gonna Come": I think this girl has a good chance of taking the entire competition. She's unbelieveable. I loved every second of her performance for the second week in a row.

*Katelyn -- "The Scientist": I agree with the judges that this rendition was WAAAYYY too slow, but it was pretty. However, I"m not sure it was memorable enough.

*Paige -- "Walk Away": She butchered the high notes, and had a huge problem with her breath control. I really don't think that she did the song any justice.

*Siobhan -- "Think": I had a really hard time with this song because sometimes I was like "Damn! This chick can really sing!" And then there were moments of "What the heck was that?!?" Her last massive high note was awesome though! WOW!

OK, peeps, so what do you think? Who were your faves? Who's on your vote out list? I personally think the bottom three girls are Paige, Haeley and Didi. Any combination of those girls will likely be going home.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 10 Guys

OK, so to top things off, it seems like everyone is singing older songs this if I were a contestant on the show I think that I would probably sing this song (click the button below)

OK, on to the contestants.....

*Big Mike -- "It's a Man's World": I just love this guys. This wa a great song for his voice. I was worried that the judges might think it was safe, but I'm glad that they appreciated it. Really well done.

*John -- "Gravity": Not sure if ballads two weeks in a row is a really good idea, but I liked this guys tone. However, just like last week, I don't really think this performance had any "wow" factor. He may be in trouble.

~~OK, I have to break in with a sidenote already here. I think Kara has been spending a bit too much time with Victoria Beckham. Either that or she got some collagen in her lips and is really testing them out. Either way, she has this really annoying "pouty, wannabe supermodel" thing going in with her face underneath that hideous spray tan.~~

*Casey -- "I Don't Wanna Be": I don't like the vibrato in his voice at all. And his breath control, or lack thereof, doesn't allow him to finish his words. I don't really think it was that great. The guitar playing was way better than the singing.

*Alex -- "Everybody Knows": For the first time ever, Alex sounded like a condender. He did this performance decent. He seems a lot more at ease behind the guitar. Really well done.

*Todrick -- "What's Love Got To Do With It": OK.....waaaaaayyy too slow. But his voice is pretty good. He had a pretty nice falsetto at the end. But that was the only part of the song that really stood out. He's another one who could be in trouble tonight.

*Jermaine -- "What's Goin On": More like what's goin' on with this performance?? Marvin Gaye wants to kill you for the crappy way you started this song. It picked up in the middle, but the song may have lost everyone by then. It fell really short for me.

*Andrew -- "Something to Believe in": I love the sound of this guys voice. The song totally suited him; really smooth sounding. I'm shocked that Randy dogged him as bad as he did. This performance may have been a little safe, but I still really like him.

*Aaron -- "My Girl": I really liked this. He didn't go crazy on his runs, and he seemed a little more at ease. There were a few pitch problems, but overall it was a pretty good performance. A far better cry than last week.

*Tim -- "Come on, get High": A HUGE improvement over last week. It wasn't super fabulous, but I really liked him. I was glad Simon said what he did after the other judges ripped on him. Nice job.

*Lee -- "Lips of an Angel": Well, I hate this song, but he sang it really well. I really think he picked the right song for his voice. One of the best performances of the night.

As far as who goes home, I think it could be either Todrick, Jermaine or John.....two of these three should be going home.

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