Monday, March 29, 2010

Seriously? Was it really that funny?!?

OK, I never knew what a response my blog post "Out of the Mouths of Parents" would garner. But I have recieved a slew of emails about it. Most people wanting to share their own experiences and thanking me for letting them know that they aren't the only ones who shake their heads at some of the things that come out of their own mouths.

That got me thinking. I'm sure there are a few more gems I could share with you. Any of you who are raising only boys will surely appreciate a few of these....and as before, I promise you that each of these things have been uttered by me at some point in my almost 13 years of motherhood. What have you said to your kids that has made you scratch your head and think “did I really just have to say that?”

Stop making butt prints on the shower, window, snow, (it goes on and on).

No you cannot pee together.

Get off your brother’s neck (back, head, foot, leg, hand) he is not a toy (rocket, dinosaur, car, dude from Star Wars).

Do not hit your brother in the head with a ball (again).

No you can’t bump butts in the bathtub (shower or when getting your PJ’s on)

Stop calling your brother like he’s the dog.

Get your hands out of your pants.

Don’t touch your penis at the table.

Will you find your brother please?

Call the dog and make him clean up the cheerios (grilled cheese, noodles, cookies well you get the point).

Put it away, nobody wants to look at it.

Shut the door, nobody wants to watch you poop.

Did you wipe?

Did you wash your hands?

With Soap?

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Your Mama said...

hahahaha..boys..ya gotta love....(cause sometimes nobody else will)...:)

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