Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 8 Girls

OK, so I'm a day late again. I will get better at this I promise. I guess I'll post the guys tonight after the show.

I guess tonight if I was singing, this would be my song choice:

Alright, on to the show. First off, wasn't it funny how uncomfortable Simon looked with Ellen nuzzling him on his lap? Ha ha ha!! Classic!

*Katie -- "Breakaway": She sounded flat throughout the entire song. I think Kelly Clarkson is one of those artists you don't try taking on unless you are a hardcore powerhouse performer. Sadly, Katie showed no real emotion. Boring performance.

*Siobhan -- "House of the Rising Sun": I hated the a capella in the beginning. She sang the song way too sweetly for what the song is about. Thank you, Simon, for saying like it really was: "dark and boring".

*Lacey -- "The Story": Her voice is starting to really get annoying. She reminds me of Snow White with the weird Betty Boop tone and the overuse of vibrato. This whole performance was boring. I hate people who sing out of their heads. The only person who can pull that off and sound good is Sarah McLaughlan.

*Katelyn -- "I Feel the Earth Move": Jokey, Hokey, Karaoke.......stupid, lame song choice. This is what Simon would call a "cruise ship" performance.

~~At this point, I would like to officially take back what I said about Ellen De Generes. I think she's actually been a pretty good addition to the show. She's quirky and funny and a lot less cracked out than Paula~~

*Didi -- "Rhiannon": A million times better than last week. She and Lacey have similar vocal styles, but Didi pulls it off so much better. I quite enjoyed that performance. It was a beautiful arrangement, and she did it really well.

*Paige -- "Smile": This is Ryker's favorite song, and he said "Momma, you sing this song way, way, way better than that girl". Anyway, she seemed really nervous singing this. Her face was terrified, her voice broke amid the shaky vibrato. It was really depressing considering it was a song about smiling.

*Crystal -- "Give Me One Reason": I LOVE her voice. She's great. It was a good song choice for her, and she killed. Probably my favorite of the entire night.

*Lilly -- "I Fall To Pieces": Umm......Lilly.....what happened? I t hought this was horrible. One of the worst of the night. It was too low for her in the beginning, and it was just weird. I didn't liek it at all.

So, I guess it's a pretty safe bet in my mind that Paige is going home. I would have to say the other one is likely going to be Katie, but I think Lilly could be in trouble too. I guess we'll have to see.


Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Hey girl! I've been reading your posts on AI since I'm an avid watcher as well!

And yeah, what up Lilly? You were my fave and now you're...I don't know...weird.

My predictions: Katelyn and Paige are getting the boot (and good riddance). Katelyn can take her hair with her too. I totally didn't like it.

I think Crystal is gonna make top four, easy, if not THE American Idol. She's awesome and way talented.

SongbirdMama said... the heck are ya? Glad to hear from you. Yeah, Paige is a definate out tonight.....but I think it's gonna be Katie and not Katelyn that goes tonight. I don't know. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Mark and Emily said...

Didi and Crystal were the only two I loved. I'm home now and can DVR the show. Although it has taken me about 4 days to get it all in!

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