Monday, March 22, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment

I've said it before, that I really have to search sometimes to see myself in my children. I think it's the gender difference or something. But today, something happened that reminded me that just because they are not girls, doesn't mean that they can't take after their mother.

I love writing. It's always been somewhat of a passion of mine. (Ahem, as is obvious by this blog I've had for almost 3 yrs)

Well today, my 9 yr old recieved and award today in school. What was the reward for you may ask. Well, it was.....wait for it......CREATIVE WRITING of course!!! I was soooo proud.

The certificate he recieved said that he was "being recognized for the exciting, descriptive story" that he wrote. It said that "as he shared his story, students were waiting to hear the interesting ending".

Seriously people......this is a HUGE accomplishment for my middle boy, who hasn't always been fond of school or any of the assignments that came with it.

And then, to top off his fabulous day, he also recieved a second award from the Kiwanis Club for "demonstrating a positive attitude, good character, and responsible citizenship".

Way to go, Rand. Your mother is very, very proud.

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Your Mama said...

Ya just gotta LOVE that boy...there is more of you in him than you think....He loves good music and reading and writing and he sometimes just quietly goes about his business...(remind you of anyone????)

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