Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idol Chatter -- The Top 12

OK, let's get right down to business about tonights show. As a huge Rolling Stones fan, I was really looking forward to tonight. I couldn't find the actual song that I would have sung, this one will have to do:

OK, so on to the contestants:

*Big Mike -- "Miss You": Well, he's fun to watch, but I wasn't 100% sold on this. He's an amazing performer, but his falsetto is a little odd sometimes. I owuld have loved to hear him try "Jumpin' Jack Flash" instead.

*Didi -- "Playing With Fire": Well, originally I thought that Lacey would sing this song, but it was actually done really well by Didi. I loved the way she played up to the camera, and the vocals were really well done.

*Casey -- "It's all Over Now": He's definately most comfortable with this "country" style of vocals. I quite liked this performance and seeing him break out a bit. I think if he sticks with this type of vibe, he'll do really well in the competition.

*Lacey -- "Ruby Tuesday": zzzzzzzz........oh, sorry. I fell asleep there for a sec. I hated the arrangement, hated the vocals. The whole thing was a hot mess. Her end note was flat before the run. And her outfit was really distracting. Why was she wearing a corset and skirt over a shirt and pants? Weird.

*Andrew -- "Gimme Shelter": If nothing else, it was nice to finally hear him singing a song not originally done by a woman. I think he probably could have done a bit more with this, but it was pretty good. Randy said it was pitchy all over.....but I didn't hear a bit of pitchiness. Ellen was absolutely right. This was his best performance since he did "Straight Up".

Katie -- "Wild Horses": I don't think this was near as good as the judges claimed it to be. I was bored...didn't care for his one bit. And her dress was a bit too "Little House on the Prairie".

*Time -- "Under my Thumb": I didn't care for the "reggae" style that this arrangement took. I still think that he is way too nasally. Another boring performance.

*Siobhan -- "Paint it Black": I know a lot of people are probably going to really hate what she did with this, but I LOVED it. It was visually, lyrically and theatrically amazing. I liked all of it. I think she has a bit too much nasal sound to her voice as well, but still the best performance of the night.

*Lee -- "Beast of Burden": He is another one who is too nasally for my liking. He sounds just like Creed and Nickelback....another basic, boring performance.

*Paige -- "Honkey Tonk Woman": It sucked! Hated the whole thing. There is no way that this girl should be here instead of Lilly. 'Nuff said!

*Aaron -- "Angie": Finally, something not completely boring. I really like this kid, and I think he did well. This was a nice, sweet melodic performance. Nothing bad to say.

*Crystal -- "You Can't Always get What you Want": I love this chick. She is always on her game, even when she's distracted. I thought this was awesome!!

So there you have it folks......if there is a God of American Idol than Tim and Paige will be going home this week. What are your thoughts?

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