Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 10

Alright, so by the time we hit the top 10, we should be hearing the best of the best....don't you think? Sadly, last nights show left me really disappointed. Let's take a look at how R&B Night when down.

For starters......Usher as a mentor. OK, I get it. And not an entirely bad choice. But dude.....wearing sunglasses inside. Really lame, okay.

*Siobhan -- "Through the Fire": Wow! Was she ever off her game tonight. Every note was flat, and like Simon, I'm getting bored with her high note climax. I hated her makeover for the night. It seemed to rob her of the quirkiness that makes us all attracted to her. The whole thing was just really painful for me to watch.

*Casey -- "Hold On, I'm Comin": This guy is really growing on me. He tended to get drowned out at times by the background music and singers, but I really actually enjoyed this performance. He needs to lose the Cheshire cat smile that he can't seem to wipe off his face. However, tonight I actually saw him as a believeable rockstar.

*Big Mike -- "Ready for Love": I seriously love his voice. I think he made a wise move pulling out the guitar again. The arrangement on this particular song was a bit slow, and I think that Mike needs to branch away from ballads a bit more. But I don't see him going home any time soon.

*Didi -- "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted": OK, this girl should never sing R&B ever again. I hated the entire thing. She had no soul at all. I was totally bored and think she may be in real trouble.

*Tim -- "Sweet Love": Again, not enough soul in his voice to pull this off. I think this was probably one of the worst song choices of the season. He's in trouble too.

*Andrew -- Welcome back, buddy. We missed you. This is the Andrew that deserved to be in the competition. If he keeps this up, he will be sticking around for a long time.

*Katie -- "Chain of Fools": She doesn't have enough grit for this song. And.....what that a skort? What the heck is she wearing?!? Randy is on crack. There is no way she even holds a candle to Christina Aguilara. She sings like a robot. I'm getting sick of her real quick. Way to go Simon. I love when someone tells it like it is.

*Lee -- "Treat her like a Lady": I liked it. I know I give him a hard time for sounding just like Chad Kroeger....but it was great. He had me dancing in my seat.

*Crystal -- "Midnight Train to Georgia": Damn! I love this girl. She just has ''it''. Total class act.....head and shoulders above everyone else in the competition. Love, love, love her.

*Aaron -- "Ain't no Sunshine": This boy has mad talent, but it's hard to make a teenage white boy sound believable in the R&B genre. I think his song choice was a huge misake, but I still really love him.

At the end of the night, I have a feeling it will be Tim or Didi going home.

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