Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 11

Alright, so originally I had heard that the theme of the night was music by teen idols. I was really happy to find out that it was actually "Billboard Hot 100's Number 1 Hits". True to that is the song I would have sang, if I was on the show last night:

Anyway, before I get to the contestants, let me say how much I loved Kara's boots. So cute. OK. That's out of my system, here we go.


OK, well it appears that I have lost my note sheet for todays blog, so I'm going to have to wing it from memory.

After watching the entire show, I think that the contestants have decided on taking poor song choices to all new heights. I mean, they had such a broad base to work with. I mean, seriously. Huey Lewis and Linda Ronstadt?!? Really?!? Ugh.

The bottom three were definately Tim, Andrew and Paige. The three of them were absolutely horrific with Paige completely wanting me to give up on the Idol franchise all together. She can only blame illness and bronchitis for so long before America just needs to wake up and realize that the girl can't sing.

Then there were the "Average Joe's " of the night: Didi, Katie, Aaron and Lee. Granted Katie did choose a more current song, but she still pretty much butchered it. And while Didi didn't sing her best of the night......I completely fell in love with her boots too. I know this isn't America's Next Top Model, but the women in boots were fierce last night.

Finally the icing on the cake of the evening was Mike, Crystal and Siobhan. I have a feeling that this group will be your top three to the end of the season. Call it a hunch, or maybe just the fact that these are the only three that seem to have any real chops or passion at all. I have to completely disagree with what the judges said about Big Mike. I thought his "When a Man loves a woman" was completely heartfelt and full of depth. It was one of my favorite performances of the season so far. Crystal kept herself up on top with "Me and Bobby McGee". I think it was wise of her to pull out Joplin, which is definately right in her wheelhouse. It's going to be interesting to see her without her guitar next week. And just an amazing little weirdo. She's got massive star power and can belt out a note like nobody's business. But the screaming in every song really needs to stop. She needs to know when to bring that little secret weapon out and when not to.

Anyway, not looking forward to hearing Miley Cyrus sing at the results show. Don't care much for her or her music. But I think if Paige doesn't end up going home tonight, I may have to put a sharp projectile through my brain.....or throw a shoe at the television.

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Mark and Emily said...

HAHAHA!!!! Dido about Paige. Mom and I watched it (so fun to have someone to watch it with) and I agree with everything you said. I loved Mike's song. I hope you are right about the top 3. Hear's to hoping Paige is a goner...

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