Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 8 Guys

Amazing....I'm actually posting this on the right night. So, lets get right to it:

*Lee -- "Fireflies": I actually really like this song, but he was way too nasally and had a hard time catching his breath.....and he hit a LOT of flat notes. I don't know why the judges raved about this so much.

*Alex -- "Trouble": Again, too much nasal. I definately didn't like this as much as his performance last week. I thought it was really boring. It had repetative lyrics, showed no range and no emotion.

*Tim -- "Hallelujiah": I LOVE this song, and for the most part, he sang it well. His last note was a little shaky, but it was a decent performance.

*Andrew -- "Genie in a Bottle": Bizarre song choice; not sure what he was thinking there. I didn't really like it. The lyrics don't really work coming from a man. He sounded like a mediocre street busker. I wasn't really impressed, and like Randy said, it really showed no range.

*Casey -- "You'll Think of Me": I still think this guy has way too much vibrato and horrible breath control. He can't sustain a note to save his life. And his last note was flat. It just didn't work for me tonight, dawg.

*Aaron -- "I'm Already There": Now here's a kid who can sustain a note. WOW!! But Randy is right; his lower register needs a bit of work. The song was a bit too big for him, but he pulled it out okay. Hi5 to Simon for shutting Kara up. The judges really need to make up their minds about the advice they give these contestants.

*Todrick -- "Somebody to Love": I liked the interesting gospel vibe he put into this one. His falsetto at the beginning was nice, and his ending note was great. He was totally on his game tonight.

*Big Mike -- "This Womans Work": *sigh* I just love this guy. He has the best voice of the men, bar none. This song is a really hard one to do, but, dang, this boy can sing. He was awesome.

So, after debating a rewatching a couple of songs, I think my picks to be kicked off are Lee and Alex. What do you all think?


Your Mama said...

Todrick and Alex....didn't like either of them...and I think I must be the only one who liked Genie in a Bottle...I thought it was great...but Big Mike was DEFINATELY the best of the night...the rest were sort of BORING!

Mark and Emily said...

So I've decided in order to save time for guys night I will just read your blog and listen to the ones you loved! I know that limits my critiques, but I trust that you will choose wisely.

Mark and Emily said...

I went back and watched most of the show and Big Mike was awesome!!! The only other one I liked was Tim. Todrick annoys me, can't even watch him. And really Andrew? All I can see when I hear that song is Christina doing some lame dance to it...really bad choice, when is this guy going to get better?!

SongbirdMama said...

I'm with you, Em. I think Andrew peaked with his Paula song. Too bad.

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