Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 10 Guys

OK, so to top things off, it seems like everyone is singing older songs this week.....so if I were a contestant on the show I think that I would probably sing this song (click the button below)

OK, on to the contestants.....

*Big Mike -- "It's a Man's World": I just love this guys. This wa a great song for his voice. I was worried that the judges might think it was safe, but I'm glad that they appreciated it. Really well done.

*John -- "Gravity": Not sure if ballads two weeks in a row is a really good idea, but I liked this guys tone. However, just like last week, I don't really think this performance had any "wow" factor. He may be in trouble.

~~OK, I have to break in with a sidenote already here. I think Kara has been spending a bit too much time with Victoria Beckham. Either that or she got some collagen in her lips and is really testing them out. Either way, she has this really annoying "pouty, wannabe supermodel" thing going in with her face underneath that hideous spray tan.~~

*Casey -- "I Don't Wanna Be": I don't like the vibrato in his voice at all. And his breath control, or lack thereof, doesn't allow him to finish his words. I don't really think it was that great. The guitar playing was way better than the singing.

*Alex -- "Everybody Knows": For the first time ever, Alex sounded like a condender. He did this performance decent. He seems a lot more at ease behind the guitar. Really well done.

*Todrick -- "What's Love Got To Do With It": OK.....waaaaaayyy too slow. But his voice is pretty good. He had a pretty nice falsetto at the end. But that was the only part of the song that really stood out. He's another one who could be in trouble tonight.

*Jermaine -- "What's Goin On": More like what's goin' on with this performance?? Marvin Gaye wants to kill you for the crappy way you started this song. It picked up in the middle, but the song may have lost everyone by then. It fell really short for me.

*Andrew -- "Something to Believe in": I love the sound of this guys voice. The song totally suited him; really smooth sounding. I'm shocked that Randy dogged him as bad as he did. This performance may have been a little safe, but I still really like him.

*Aaron -- "My Girl": I really liked this. He didn't go crazy on his runs, and he seemed a little more at ease. There were a few pitch problems, but overall it was a pretty good performance. A far better cry than last week.

*Tim -- "Come on, get High": A HUGE improvement over last week. It wasn't super fabulous, but I really liked him. I was glad Simon said what he did after the other judges ripped on him. Nice job.

*Lee -- "Lips of an Angel": Well, I hate this song, but he sang it really well. I really think he picked the right song for his voice. One of the best performances of the night.

As far as who goes home, I think it could be either Todrick, Jermaine or John.....two of these three should be going home.


Your Mama said...

SOOOOO like the easy button...thanks! and I think Toddrick should go for sure and then it's really a crap shoot...quite a boring night actually!

Mark and Emily said...

So...I actually got to watch some of this night's show and I have to say I was sadly disapointed at how bad everyone sucked! I only watched from Alex to Aaron and everyone in between. It was so bad I just turned it off. That's never happened before! Are the girls better cause I didn't get to watch the next night, I sure hope so. I'll try to catch some of their performances next week.

I thought Andrew (is that the mexican guy with the glasses?) was going to be awesome cause the last song I heard him perform was the Paula Abdul one and I thought that was incredible...so disapointed in his performance.

And one more thing: what's with Ryan's makeup? It could've been my cheap, small hospital tv but it looked like he was wearing so much bronzer!

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