Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 12 Guys

OK, let me start by saying it's nice to see Simon in a white shirt. The black sweaters were getting a bit played out.

Here's my synopsis.....

*Todrick -- "Since you've been Gone": Ballsy arrangement, but I 'm not sure it showed off his vocals as well as it could have. I completely agree with Simon that he didn't improve on the original at all.

*Aaron -- "Here Comes Goodbye": Not sure this song was a good idea. I think it sounded forced in the upper register. He's quite adorable though LOL.

*Jermaine -- "Get Here": I think this was a predictable song choice for him. It was pitchy a couple of times. And between the sharps and flats, his breath control sucked. He was definately trying way too hard with his vocal runs and such.

*Tim -- "Apologize": I think this was a terrible song choice for him. He just could not it the upper notes. His words kept dropping off. It was definately a mistake bringing this guy back. He was awful.

*Joe -- "You and I Both": He's got a nice vibe. This song suited him well. It was a bit too much vibrato, and not enough wow factor....but overall good.

*Tyler -- "American Woman": I agree wholly with Simon that he's a wannabe rockstar with a mediocre voice. Itwas not a great performance and completely lacked substance.

*Lee -- "Chasing Cars": I love what he did with the arrangement. He gave it some heart. He went flat a couple of times and was a bit nasally.....good but not fabulous. I disagree with Kara that he made it unrecognizable and unoriginal.

*John -- "God Bless the Child": That was a very Broadway performance. I agree with Simon that it had zero emotion to it. It left me sort of cold. His voice is gorgeous, but it was just a voice.....with no soul.

*Mike -- "This Love": This is why I love Big Mike. He makes it look so easy. He sounds great and he knows how to use his natural talent and not hid behind runs and acrobatics. I love him.

*Alex -- "Wonderful World": Is it just me or does he sound more like Rod Stewart than Jim Morrison? Anyway, I think his voice is too nasally and this song was boring. He looked very uncomfrotable moving on the stage. AMEN Simon! I haven't liked him since the beginning. He doesn't deserve to be here. I don't get what the judges see in him.

*Casey -- "Heaven": A little too much vibrato and poor breath control. But overall it was a pretty good performance. I really don't get the "eye candy" thing. I don't really think he's all that good looking.

*Andrew -- "Sugar, we're going down": I lvoe this song and he really changed it up from a rock anthem. He sort of unplugged it and stripped it down. Not sure I really liked the new arrangement, but I really like him and think his vocals can take him far if he picks the right songs.

So at the end of it all I think the guys that will be going home this week are John and Tim. Guess we'll find out in a couple of hours.

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