Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 12 Girls

OK, I'm sorry that I'm just getting this posted 6 hours before the results show, but it's been a helluva couple of days of work, olympics and hubby being in the ER with possible gallbladder problems. So, I'm going to do up two seperate blogs for the girls and one for the guys. So lets get to it.

But let me start by commenting on the judges table. Ellen is noticeably shoved to the end of the group, as far from Simon as possible. I guess the two of them really aren't coing to come out of this as BFF's. But good for Ellen for doggin on Simon. Her "video proof" as hilarious.

Now, if I were a contestant on American Idol this year, I think this is the song I would have sang. Think it would have got me through another week?

*Paige -- "All Right Now": I don't know but her lower register sounded awful. I think this was the wrong song choice. There were too many vocal acrobatics and not enough talent shining through. I completely disagree with Simon saying that she's the best singer in the competition.

*Ashley -- "Happy": Before she even sings, let me just say that this chick is stunningly beautiful. I think the song started WAY too low for her . I really didn't much care for the performance at all. Yeah, clumsy, like Simon said.

*Janell -- "What about Love": She has just too sweet of a voice to pull this song off. To sing Stevie Nicks you really need some "meat" to your voice. It was a terrible song choice for sounded completely amateur.

*Lilly -- "Fixin' a Hole": That song definately suits her vocal type. She nailed this number, but it will be interesting to see how her voice works with other genres.

*Katelyn -- "Oh, Darlin": I LOVED this. She was fabulous! The range was perfect for her voice. Her outfit was a bit much, but I think she was great. I agree with Kara that the makeover really isn't doing it for me.

*Hayley -- "I Wanna Hold Your Hand": I don't really like the Bohemian arrangement she's done. Her voice was all over the place and her timing was wacky. It was the worst of the night so far. I think Ellen is an idiot. I'm glad Simon told her the truth.

*Lacey -- "Landslide": What in the Hell was that?!? She sounded like a really bad Cyndi Lauper wannabe. She wasn't in time with the music for more than half the song. It was really bizarre to me. Terrible job; terrible song choice.

*Michelle -- "Fallin'": zzzzzzzzz........Boring! There were too many predictable runs and she didn't power it like that song is meant to be done. Definately no "wow factor" in what could have easily been made into a "wow" performance. It was too comfortable and safe.

*Didi -- "The Way I Am" Fabulous song choice for her vocal style. It could have been a bit faster though. It was bordering on boring because it was too slow. And she ended flat on her final note.

*Siobhan -- "Wicked Game": This song arrangement was sooo depressing. I wanted to slit my wrists. I think she tried to go for the "haunting melody" style, but it came off sounding really dark. Too bad, because she really does have a nice voice.

*Crystal -- "Hand in my Pocket": It was an interesting "unplugged" style version of this song. I was kind of on the fence with the performance. She had moments of brilliance, but nothing that was going to make me grab the phone and vote for her.

*Katie -- "Feelin' Good": I loved her. She has great stage presence, and chose a great song for her range. I agree it was a bit old for her, but I still liked it. I didn't hear any pitch problems though.....I think the judges may have been too hard on her.

So there you have it. I'm gonna go watch the guys show now. But my final prediction is that Hayley and Lacey will be the two going home. (My favorites tonight were Katey and Katelyn.

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