Friday, February 19, 2010

Not feeling Gleeful

Alright all know that I love me some American Idol. In fact, each season, I dedicate a little section of my blog to the wonder that is Idol. But this year, it is a tad bittersweet.

See......before Idol started this season, FOX network introduced a show that is almost like heaven to a musical, high school showchoir singing, wannabe Broadway star like me. I'm talking of course about Glee. (If you haven't bothered watching, consider this a stern tongue lashing)

However, the FOX powers that be decided that too much music on their network at one time was not a good plan. So they have decided to put Glee on hiatus until April when Idol is over.

So, since I'm a wee bit Glee deprived at the moment, let me fill you all in on my favorite cast member from the show.

This is Matthew Morrison.

Matthew Morrison plays Will Schuester, a Spanish teacher with a passion for... singing in glee clubs? Okay, as much of a music lover as I am.....I was quite excited about this. Glee is a great show. Quirky and strange and absolutely endearing.

Now, maybe it's just me (I doubt it), but I love a boy who loves to sing and dance.

(Especially a STRAIGHT BOY. Sorry gays, but every once in awhile a girl needs a serenade from someone who doesn't picture Neil Patrick Harris when they're belting out a romantic ballad/show tune.)

I didn't even know that I was wishing for this particular needle-in-a-haystack when, all of a sudden, like a Tony-Award-toting apparition, he appeared.

And then he sang me a song.

(Note: I'm using the pronoun "me" very loosely.)

(click on the picture here to listen to this guy's awesome voice)

That, my friends, is a man. A man who obviously knows his way around the ladies.

A man who knows the important things: Wine me, dine me, take me to the theatre, impress me with your knowledge of art and culture, and when we dance, I want to feel weightless in your arms while you hold me close and sing softly in my ear. Make me feel like you only have eyes for me.

(You can't learn that on the football field.)

I feel like it can go either way for the dramatically-inclined teenage boy. He is either a hero or a zero. He can be worshipped or shunned. Different cities, different cultures, it all depends.
So thank God for the boys who realized that where there is dancing and singing, there are GIRLS. LOTS OF THEM.

I salute you.

(P.S. Matthew Morrison, you are officially invited over to my house to sing for me anytime. In a platonic non-stalkerish sort of way. Mostly.)

(P.P.S If there happens to be a big scowly man sitting in the corner, please pay no attention. He's harmless, promise. Mostly.)

(P.P.P.S. However, it might be a good icebreaker if you sing a few Phil Collins songs to start off with. That's hubby's favorite singer)


Mark and Emily said...

LOL!!! Another historic post!! Thanks for making my morning. Can't believe we have to wait until April!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Erin! How I loved this post! I too am missing my Glee! Waiting until April stinks!
Love it, love you!

Anonymous said...

I love Glee too!!! I didnt think I would like it so much but I have been dying not being able to watch it... April is getting a little closer!

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