Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Idol Chatter -- Denver Auditions

Ah, Denver. I love that city. I think I would move back there in a heartbeat if given the chance.

So, Posh is back this week, is she. I think her and Simon must be BFFs or something. Anyway, she irritates me. She made more comments about peoples fashion and the way they look then she did about their musical talent.

So, on to the contestants:

*Mark (the guy who thinks he looks like Jack Black; more like Jack Osbourne if you ask me) -- Wow! He was actually quite good. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.

*Mario (the weird laughing guy) -- Hmm.....well, he's not horrible. But his personality annoyed me. I don't know. Not overly impressive.

*Kimberly (the mom) -- her voice is kind of annoying. I didn't really like her much. Meh. Her voice was too cartoony.

*Danelle (the chick with the HUGE earrings) -- I didn't like her voice either. She was too screamy. I don't know.....I guess the judges are really lowering their standards.

*Casey -- nice voice, but completely boring to listen to. I completely agree with Simon about this one.

*Tori --not too bad, but didn't have me jumping out of my chair. She sure looked rough and old; sorta haggard for only being 16

*Austin (stuck up football star). Ugh. I dated a guy like this in college for 5 minutes. Completely annoying. The guy is nothing but a wannabe. His voice and his attitude were both lame.

*Kenny (the "male Mary J. Blige") -- listening to him made me wanna stick my head in the oven. He was awful. If I were Mary J. I would sue him.

*Helium Girl -- she should go work for Disney as "Snow White". That's what she sounded like to me. I didn't really care for her singing voice either. I was kind of suprised that the judges put her through.

Hayley (the black country singer) -- I actually really liked her. She should be interesting to watch.

So there you have it folks. Over all I was really disappointed with the talent in Denver....even though the judges put through 26 people. What do you think? Were you impressed with the Colorado voices?


Your Mama said...

You are better than all of them :)

Mark and Emily said...

Not impressed and definitely agree with you about Posh, was she even listening to them sing?! I liked the girl from Seattle, I don't remember what her name was.

Another US city that you have lived in, crazy! I hear a lot of people love Denver, never been. I did throw up flying out of there on a layover, it was the worst turbelence I've ever experienced, the pilot blamed it on the Rockies. Good story eh?!

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