Thursday, February 11, 2010

Idol Chatter: Hollywood Week

Please don't kill me for not posting these sooner. I've been very busy, stressed, tired, crazy, ect.....

Before we start, can I just say that Ellen's weird outfit threw me off before the show even got going. What is with the rolled up jeans and boots. Odd.

So let's start with the highlights from the individual performances:

*Katy (singing For Once In My Life) -- It was okay, but I don't think it was a very memorable audition. Suprised see her go on.

*Skiboskii -- I was stunned to see that they even allowed this guy to continue due to his legal issues. His audition was too nasally. I mean, yes the guy can sing. I just didn't think this was a great performance from him. Glad to see him gone.

*Andrew (sang Paula Abdul's song) -- I LOVED his rendition of this song. He's got some serious talent. WOW!!

*Vanessa (hilbilly from Tennessee) -- She totally blew it. She was way too nervous. Poor girl; she picked entirely the wrong song.

*I was sad to see Amadeo and Meagan Wright have to go. Sometimes nerves suck.

*I really liked Janelle's version of "American Boy"

*I thought Hayley Vaughn was too screamy. I didnt' like it at all. Can't believe she made it through.

*Mary Powers sang Pink's "Sober" phenomenally. I love this rocker chick.

*Jay Stone -- his beat boxing sucked.....BAD

*Lilly (sang Ella Fitzgerald) -- She's great in this particular genre, but I don't know how she'll hold up with different music styles

*Big Mike -- I've been a fan since his first audition. I love his voice and his style. Great singer.

*Tim -- I was bored with his version of David Cook. He was flat and, well, just boring.

*Justin -- so good looking, but such a bad song choice for him. Sucks to be the only one in your group going home

*Maddie (with the Down's brothers) -- her song was waaaay too slow. I love her voice, but this performance was all kinds of wrong. I was sad to see it, because I really did like her.

*Casey -- I thought he was great. I wasn't impressed with his original audition, but he definately brought his game face to Hollywood

*Didi --I think it was really ballsy to sing a Kara DiaGuardi song. I loved it; thought she was fabulous.

*Crystal (chick who got the tattoo) -- She did Aretha Franklin proud. I LOVED it. All of it! Fantastic.

OK.....moving on to GROUP DAY

*Faith (You Must Not Know 'Bout Me) -- I thought these guys were great. They all deserved to make it through.

*Team Awesome (Get Ready) --I only liked the two black guys. I really didn't think that Tim should have made it. I'm really happy for Big Mike though. P.S. Does anyone else think of the movie "The Blindside" when someone calls him Big Mike??

*Neopolitan --I thought the chick with the pink hair sucked. She shouldn't have made it.

*Destiny's Wild -- These guys were absolutely fabulous until the very last note.....then they all sang a different note, and each of those notes were flat. I think the only one who really should have made it through was Todrick.

*The Mighty Rangers --I only liked Tori from this group. I thought that Maddie sucked today. I don't know why they put her through.

(OK, side note.....I CANNOT believe that someone would quit after making it through the first day of Hollywood week. What a crazy girl.)

*Team Phoenix -- The only one who should have made it was Jermaine. Jeff was okay, but a bit shouty.

(Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape" was a death sentence today. People should NEVER attempt to sing that song unless they have seriously MAD vocal skills.)

*The group of Jermaine, Janell and Casey was fan freaking tastic. Loved it!!

*Three Men and a Baby were PHENOMENAL

*Dreamers -- Margo and Alex were awful. There is no way Alex should have made it through. I think that Hope is good, but she needs to break away from her fear a bit. Mary, she's was a bit of a diva, but she still has great vocals.

So, it's shaping up to be quite an interesting season. Right now my money is on a male winner. We'll see how things shake loose. Tell me what you think.

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Mark and Emily said...

I loved Mary Powers, Andrew and Didi. Top 3 for sure! I missed the group show due to these 2 babies being born and all! Looks like a decent season ahead. I also was surprised that Ellen didn't annoy me more.

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