Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Idol Chatter (3rd Group of 12)

OK, so I have no negative comments about Ryan Seacrest and his wardrobe the week. However, did anyone else notice the dinner plate on Randy's arm that he is trying to pass of as a watch? That thing was huge.

Well, lets get right to the contestants shall we.

*Von -- "You're all I Need to get By": I thought it started off way too low for him and he was way too quiet. Overall, I was bored by his entire performance. I guess I didn't see in him what the judges saw. I can't believe how they raved over him.

*Taylor -- "If I Ain't Got You": Again, the song started too low for her voice. And, again, I wasn't overly impressed with this performance. But she definately wins the "Wardrobe Malfunction of the Week" award. Seriously, whats with the dress over the lycra/spandex leggings?? And I actually had to laugh out loud when Paula commented on how good they looked.

*Alex -- "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues": I never thought that this kid should have been in the top 36 to begin with, and after that performance, I completely stand by my original assessment. He was horrible.

*Ariana -- "The Winner Takes it All": I was really pissed throughout this performance. The girl completely butchered my absolutely favorite ABBA song. She want insanely overboard with the vocal acrobatics. It was just disjointed and rediculous.

*Ju'Not -- "Hey There Delilah": I loved this rendition.....just like I did when he did it in Hollywood Week. So he's the second guy tonight to sing a song he's already done. It was a bit slower than the last time he did it, and at times it seemed to drag a bit. But it was still my favorite number of the night thus far.

*Kristen -- "Give me one Reason": Another boring, forgettable performance that showed absolutely no range or talent. She tried at the end, but by then it was to late for me to care.

*Nathaniel -- "Anything for Love": His voice was a little too sweet and "vanilla" for this song. And the 80s wardrobe has got to go. This was another one that I didn't feel deserved a spot in the top 36, and he certainly doesnt' deserve a spot in the top 12.

*Felicia -- "No One": This is one of my favorite songs to sing. I thought she sounded great until she choked on the high note. But she was still the best girl I've heard so far tonight.

*Scott -- "Mandolin Rain": He was a bit soft on the chorus, but I love his voice. He was fantastic.

*Kendall -- "This One's for the Girls": Man, everyone was so soft and picking songs that were too low for their register tonight. I thought she was really flat in the chorus, and agree with Simon that it got a bit shrill toward the end. And I'm a HUGE Martina fan, so that was a disappoinment.

*Jorge -- "Don't let the sun go Down on Me": I think that he had some mic issues toward the end. It sounded like he was cutting out a bit. I loved this performance. It was definately one of my favorite of the night, and it made me cry how emotional he got at the end.

*Lil -- "Put Your Hands Up": I totally didn't care for her song choice. But I loved her vocals. The girl has some serious skills.

Well, there you have it folks. I'm a bit torn tonight with my top three choices, because I actually have 4 favorites that I think could go through. So I think it will be three out of these four:

Scott, Lil, Felicia and Jorge....but I kinda liked Ju'Not too. Crap. Um.....OK, well I think Scott and Lil are absolute shoe ins.....and it's a toss up between the other three. Ha ha ha ha.


Michelle said...

What a difference from last week eh? I wish that some of these people were in the last group, because the last group sucked! I love Scott!! Nathaniel drives me crazy, and despite what Kara says, I don't think he can sing that well. I like Felicia also. And Lil Rounds (BTW, did you catch Paula's LAME joke about her being there for many more 'Lil Rounds'!! Seriously?? Take some drugs Paula and shut up!!)

SongbirdMama said...

Ha ha ha ..... yes, I caught that. Paula was in even more rare form last night then usual.

Mark and Emily said...

I agree with your top 5!! I for sure want Lil'Rounds in there, everyone else is just going to make me happy regardless. Do you think Ju'not sounds like Jamie Foxx? I think he sounds EXACTLY like him, at least in last nights song. I can't wait for the results tonight!

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