Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorry for the Dust

My apologies if little wiffs of dust puffed out of your keyboard when you clicked into my blog today... I kind of haven't done much blogging around here lately. Much to the dismay of my 7 loyal readers. I am seriously the most motivated, accomplished person in my head. But if you knew me, you would be wildly impressed that clean white towels are stacked neatly in my linen closet, I maintain a well organized spreadsheet with all my bills and there are actual vacuum rows on the living room floor. Now, fight the urge to ask if this is only a monthly occurrence, cause I have developed mad skills since moving. I ask myself why sometimes... mostly it is because I have pride in my life, my home, myself. But I digress.....so since my working has taken up valuable blog time, here is some random blah blah just to keep you reading.

Thought #1: Have you tried so many different kinds of shampoo you have a graveyard under your sink? You know the mismatched bottles that you save for the day when you are in such money trouble that you find yourself saying, "thank goodness I saved all this shampoo! Think of all the showers we can take before we need to buy soap again?" I think I have always looked for the shampoo that will give me the full, beautiful hair I always wanted... now of course I know better. They all basically have the same stuff in them, and my hair is getting hopelessly thinner everyday. I want pregnant, hormonal, pre-natal vitamin, full hair. I wouldn't even mind the additional child.

Thought #2: Can you ever cook enough chicken? I mean really... there is hamburger, but you can burn out pretty quick. And fish? What preschooler goes crazy for the halibut? Chicken is where it's at people. True, my boys have sprouted wings, and tend to peck at the ground while I am cooking dinner, but I know they like it. I suppose it could be a phase, but I have been 29 for over three years now and I have always loved chicken.


Michelle said...

Glad to know someone else cooks a lot of chicken! We eat so much chicken that I think we have feathers also!

Mark and Emily said...

Very funny and I can agree with you on both thoughts, only I have a collection of sample shampoos and conditioners that came to me for free, or that I bought with the intention of trying out on myself or making my family try it...I should send some your way!!! Can't wait for some more AI chat, I thought you were going to post a thought about who got kicked off...

by the way...how was the pizza?!! I hate it when that happens, now you can get me back by dedicating a post about chocolate or something!