Monday, March 23, 2009


On a day when I am home, the big boys are off to school and Ryker is asleep, I needed something to make me smile. Other than the fact that I am here, by myself. In the silence. Today I am going to post some older pictures for a few reasons. Firstly, because I like them. Secondly, because I think my kids are cute. Thirdly, because my oldest is turning 12 next month, and the other 2 are almost 9 and 5 which is too old for my liking. And fourthly, because they fight. Alot. They fight from the second they get home from school until they are in bed with their eyes closed and they are dreaming about how to physically hurt the other. So I am looking at these pictures of my boys during short spurts of time when they actually liked each other and got along for more than 30 seconds. I am sure one day in the next 15 years they will like each other once again.

In the meantime I have these pictures.

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Karen said...

You are right...they are soooo cute. :)

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