Monday, August 9, 2010

The Hubster

I like togetherness. I rarely like to be completely alone for any length of time. Sure, a nice hot bubble bath with music and all doors shut is fun for .... oh, about 15 minutes. And then I like to come out with my bright pink legs and greet my boys to settle in for some real fun.

My idea of "alone" always includes Hubby. I'd rather be alone in a room with him doing our own things, than to be by myself doing those things. The rest of the world around me requires my attention, but when I'm alone with Hubster, I can just BE. And I love that about our relationship.

Through different places and positions the Hubs has worked over the past several years, some of them included working nights, early to late, all day, and other various not-so-fun schedules. I don't mind a bit being at home with the kids alone during the day, but there is something about the sun setting that suddenly makes it lonely.

I don't do evenings and nights alone well at all. Especially when the boys go to bed. The doors are locked, the blinds shut tight and the gun comes out. (Well, not really but........I don't mess around.)

Evenings are boring without Hubby. Television isn't exciting, food doesn't taste good .... it's just no fun! Ryker asks a gajillion times "When is daddy coming home?" and with any tiny noise he hears, he turns and looks at the door, hoping to see The Daddy. I have to admit, I do it too sometimes.

He just has that effect on us. Hubs makes everything better. He brightens our evenings, and when he comes home it's as if he brings in rainbows and sunbeams -- or something like that. He is simply a wonderful guy to be with, live with, and walk through life with. Simply put... he's my favorite.


Karen said...

That is sweet!

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