Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Idol Chatter: The Top 12 Girls

OK, I seem to be experiencing some confusion with the results show tomorrow. Are they voting out 2 of each guy and girl or are they eliminating it to the top 10 already. Hmm....guess we'll find out tomorrow. As for the girls tonight.....

*Tatynisa: "Only Girl in the World" -- I hated this number right from the third note. She was flat through the whole song. I thought I was watching American Idol, not the Gong Show. It wasn't even okay as Randy put it. It was downright horrid from start to finish.

*Naima: "Summertime" -- Okay, so this one wasn't horrible, but it wasn't my favorite. She was just ok for me, but nothing special....well, until that last note which was dynamite. But it was too old school, cruise ship lounge singer. Meh!

*Kendra: "Impossible" -- I really liked it. I thought it was soulful and seductive. She nailed every note. Really well done.

*Rachel: "Criminal" -- The music overpowered her. I could hardly understand a word she said. Her vocals were all over the place, and her performance was even too campy for Broadway. It was horrible. I hated the whole thing.

*Karen: "Hero" -- Her voice had a bit too much vibrato for my liking. I don't think the Spanglish thing is going to work for her either, regardless of what JLo said. I don't think it was a smart move this early in the competition.

*Lauren T: "Seven Day Fool" -- It didn't blow me away but it was definately the best of the night so far. This girl definately has potential to go far. She's got some mad skills.

*Ashthon: "All over Me" -- ZZZzzzzz..........oh sorry. I was sleeping. I had a dream that Whitney Houston had a love child with Chaka Khan. What?? That was Ashthon's performance song? Oh, my bad. That was the most boring thing I've listened too all day.....and I had CSpan on earlier people.

*Julie: "Breakaway" -- This girl is nowhere near powerful enough to pull off Kelly Clarkson. It was awful. Breathing - sucked, arrangement - sucked, vocals - sucked, blowing your big American Idol break......priceless.

*Haley: "Fallin" -- Is it just me or does she look a bit like Miley Cyrus? Anyway, I don't really like her and I hated her wannabe sexy stripper dance moves.....but she definately sang the crap out of that song. Holy powerhouse!!

*Thia: "Out Here on my Own" -- For the most part, I really liked it. She was flat on a couple of notes, but other than that, she was pretty remarkable. Really well done.

*Lauren A: "You can Hear me on the Radio" -- Another great performance. I really like this chick. She's kind of a Kelly Clarkson / Carrie Underwood hybrid. I really enjoyed this. Oh my gosh....Randy just said what I said about the Kelly/Carrie thing. I'm a genius!!

*Pia: "I'll stand by You" -- I thought it was really nice. Sweet, tender vocals, and a powerhouse, blowout ending. Awesome. She was fantastic. if they are only sending two of each home tomorrow, I'm going to stick with Jordan and Tim for the guys, and I think Rachel and Tatynisa for the girls.

If they are only putting 5 through from each group I think the guys will be James, Scotty, Paul, Jacob and Casey. And the top 5 girls will be Pia, Lauren A, Thia, Haley and Lauren T.

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Your Mama said...

Loved Pia and Haley and Lauren and Kendra....the rest "meh"....teehee
pretty good bunch though I must say!

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