Monday, April 25, 2011

The answer is simply, "Because"

I'm sure we all go through this, where a random thought or question pops into your mind, and you really don't have an answer for it. I seem to have silly questions just about every day. Well, I have the answer to any and all of those questions, thoughts, and concerns. Because.

1. Why, when they were little, did the boys poop every time I change a diaper that is only full of pee? Therefore, making me 'waste' another diaper (no pun intended seriously).

2. Why am I the most tired, after I have gotten a glorious night of sleep? Therefore, making me 'think' I will be totally rested and ready to go in the A.M.

3. Why does a kiss always have to lead to getting it on? (The answer to this is probably more like "Because.....he's a man")

4. Why can the boys face-plant into the side of the bathtub (this actually happened to Max years ago -- I almost cried. And I WAS watching him) and walk away mark free, but my big ass can come around the corner and knock them over and they looks like we went 12 rounds together?!

5. Why can I think of a dozen things to write about while I'm in that funny sleep-awake state of mind, but then I wake up and can't remember a thing? (Is tha a super power? Do I have a genius brain when I'm sleeping?)

6. Why is it every time I wash my car, a bird (like a seagull) always poops in a spot that my windshield wipers can't reach?

7. Why can't my husband admit he only does 15% of the "helpful" things around here and that I really do keep this house together, while watching the kids, working full-time and all that other crap (please see answer number 3)

8. Why do I always miss taking the cutest pictures and the funniest videos of the boys?

9. Why won't I ever finish all medications per the doctor's orders?

10. Why can I be a complete hard ass , but then get so sensitive when I think about my sons, and I become such a softie for kid things in general?

11. Why do I know that the second I finish this post, I am totally going to remember five more things I wish I would have written?


12. Here's one more... Why does my hair always look like crap when someone wants to take a picture, but my BEST hair days are when no one even gets to see me?!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Laughed so hard at #4!!! So true. And #3.... yeeaaah. Backrubs too. Sometimes I just want a backrub!

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