Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A stranger grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me close.

"I just have to share this with someone," she said.

She broke me from my zombie-like march down the apple aisle at my local Safeway. I went to the market for fruit and vegetables because I'm really starting to like the new "skinnier" me, and I've been trying really hard to win in my eternal struggle with junk food.

The stranger at the market pulled me towards her.

"Look," she pointed. "I think they meant crop."

The sign above the Rome apples said,

"Delicious New Crap!"

I bought a five pound bag.


DeeMomof6 said...

Hahaha OMGosh I love it! I am loving the gettinging skinnier me too. Congrats on your progress. And if you find a way to kick the junk food monster out complelely let me know ;)

Your Mama said...

this is a GOODER.....laughed out loud ;)

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