Monday, November 23, 2015

My Not-So-Politically-Correct Christmas Wishlist

OK, so it is getting to be that time of year again.  People (mostly my kids) have been asking me what it is that I want for Christmas this year.  Anyone that knows me understands what a difficult question this is for me to answer.  I'm low maintenance when it comes to my wants, and am lucky enough to just get myself the few little things that my heart may ever desire.  So, while I will probably send my kids over to my Pinterest Wishlist  board .... here's my "grownup Christmas list".

1.  Adam Levine -- preferably shirtless, offering me a massage of some sort

2.  Happy Hour  --  yes I know, happy hour already exists.  But I'm wishing for FREE happy hour.  You know where 5 o'clock hits and the drinks are flowing without a price tag.

3.  Nap Time -- Is it so much to ask to get a quick snooze in after lunch?  I have a feeling I would be much more productive at work after a mandatory siesta.

4.  A Nice Body -- okay, okay.....I know that being almost 40 and having 3 kids, I will NEVER look like the girl in this picture, but this is my wishlist, and I can wish for whatever I, I am working really hard.  So maybe I'll get close to this -- maybe?????

5.  No Work - All Play --  I would like to have a solid month to do whatever the Hell I want and not have to report in to work at 8:00 am every morning.

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