Friday, August 31, 2007

Because I always get high at Wal-Mart (Yes...another Wal Mart rant)

Andrew and I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some scrapbooking embellishments for him to decorate his writing book for school. I didn't grab my purse before we left because Ross gave me money and I just shoved it in my pocket. (Wal Mart is only 5 minutes from my house and I didn't think I would need my purse for anything.)

Anyway, after deciding on doing an island luau theme and picking everything up, we headed to the check out counter. I needed to get home and get dinner over with so I could make it to the school for the 2nd grade information night for Rand.

Anyway, she runs through the papers, embellishements, etc.....and then she scans the glue sticks. Before putting them in the bag, she says, "Can I please see your ID?"
I'm like, "Huh? What are you talking about?" I was sure I hadn't put any booze or cigarettes in my cart *wink*, so what did she need ID for? She says, "I need to make sure that you are over 18." Ummmm.....I'm standing there with my three kids (the oldest being 10), all of whom have referred to me as mom a million times and I look at her gobsmacked. "Do I not look 18 to you, and you still haven't told me what you need my ID for?" She proceeds to tell me that Walmart is not allowed to sell glue to minors because kids are using as a drug and getting high off sniffing it.

What is this world coming to when you have to monitor who is buying glue sticks and cough syrup?!? Seriously.

Have I mentioned my dislike for Wal Mart???

Here's what the finished page looked like!


Ally Brown said...

SUPER CUTE! I love it!

Elizabeth~ One earthy mama said...

Grrr.. I hear you Erin. I hate wal-mart. It is definetely the necessary evil in my life. When I am rich... Well, you know! LOL!

Anonymous said...

i love cough syrup

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