Monday, January 21, 2008

Loud Noises

This is what I think about people:

People thrive on chaos. As much as they claim to despise it. As much as they claim to hate it, and they try to avoid it at all costs....they frigging thrive on it. They enjoy it. They secretly wish for more. I know they do. I know I do.

I don't claim to hate it, or despise it, or even try to avoid it. I love it. I welcome it. The more chaotic my home is, the better I seem to function. I'm not talking wild crazy, unadulterated chaos that people get hurt in, I'm just talking about loud, noisy, crazy kids, clutter, phones ringing off the hook, kids banging on the front door, normal stuff like that.

If I came home to a completely quiet and orderly house everyday, Id have to check my pulse. I'd be in Hell for sure.

Randall and Ryker were 'starving', so they asked for Tortillas. Yes, everyone in the world knows that tortillas will stave off any hunger pains. They are 'that' filling. Ryker dropped his on the floor, Randall laughed at him. Ryker then snatched Randall's tortilla and smacked him in the head with it. Randall stopped laughing. Randall then lectured Ryker on how that was not good manners to smack someone with their own tortilla. I guess you should use your own? Yes, when attacking someone with a tortilla, one should most definitely use theirs, and no one else's. They've since moved on from tortilla smacking, to watching TV. All is forgiven and forgotten about the spat while ago. Of course, until the next hunger pain strikes and they ask for another tortilla. Maybe next time I'll hand them each one, and a helmet to go with it.

I have one kid who's a little more subdued. He never makes any noise to contribute to the chaos factor at our house, so that's not really a valid point. He never adds to the noise, except when he's aggravating someone else. They scream quite loudly. So, maybe in a round about way he does contribute. He plays Guitar Hero most of his spare time. He tries to get me to play. I finally relent and play. I've never really played the XBox. I have no clue how to work the guitar. The colorful control sticks, the whammy bar, the star power, all that crap. Confusion at it's best. So, he gives me the run down. Match your fingers on the guitar color pads to the colors on the screen. Whammy bar makes funky sounds to your music. So we decide to play head to head. He shows me which side of the screen is my guitar. The audience is booing really loudly. At which point the game stops itself and tells me "You Suck". Apparently Andrew has beat me. I whine how unfair that is. He says that is the point of the game. No it isn't. The point of this game is to teach me how to play, not murder me. He promises not to do it again. So we start another song, I fumble around, he bets me and I "suck" again.

He grins.

I smack him.

He makes some whooping noise and flicks his fingers in my face.

I tell him I'm never playing Guitar Hero again with him. He is a bully, a cheater! A murderer!

He laughs and says he'll sucker me again.

And, he probably will.

Kids crack me up and kill me at the same time.

My kids, especially since there are three of them and they are all boys, are louder than your average household full of kids. I dont mind my kids hanging out making noise. I dont mind their friends, for the most part. Of course, some of them get on my nerves, but that's anywhere. They are funny, silly, stupid at times, goofy, chicken, boring, and most importantly, loud. They fit right in with me. Hopefully when all is said and done, Ive passed on a few more of my traits than just the loud factor.

They are so hilarious. So annoying. Yes, I can admit my kids are annoying. It's part of what makes me tick. I can call them brats, and whine about them to my friends, yet at the end of the day, those loud, annoying little pains in my ass are what make my world go round.


Maren said...

Tortilla fights. :) I can fondly look back on my own wrapping paper roll fights.
I love that he lectured him about the rudeness of the tortilla slap. :)

Mindy said...

I'll have to allow Colin to have a tortilla fight instead of spaghetti fight like he wanted to do tonight. Anyways, I'm so glad to hear that someone elses' home full of boys is just as loud as mine!

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