Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the Year

OK, well it's really not.....but Back to School time is once again fast approaching. The kids have all had their doctor, dentist, optometrist check ups done. Clothing and shoe shopping was done this week, and we bought Drew a saxophone since he'll be starting band in middle school this year (HOLY CRAP!!! Am I old enough to have a kid in middle school already?!?), and now all that's left is to get haircuts and go to the school open houses. Also, this week, Drew went to scouts for the first time, and really enjoyed now it seems he has a new Wednesday evening activity to go to. Hopefully when basketball starts next month they will have a different night then Wednesday planned for practice night. One thing I've realized (ok....was chastised for by a friend who shall remain nameless.....) is that I never posted any pictures on my blog of our trip to Canada. Yes, there are some on Facebook, but not everyone is over there to see I guess I will end this blog with a few shots from our great trip to Canada.

Cooling down with ice cream after the Canada Day parade

Ryker and Dagan playing hockey in the backyard

Cameron Falls -- Waterton National Park

Red Rock Canyon -- Waterton National Park

Drew on the slip n' slide

Ryker pigging out at the family bbq on Canada Day

Randall in grandma's backyard

The boys -- my three and my two nephews

The kids and my parents on our last morning in Canada

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