Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Perfection of Morning

Morning ---

Hopeful and filled with untouched possibility.
I am always excited to begin again.
Grateful that life affords us opportunities with each new day.

The mistakes of the past are done. I shut the door on yesterday and look toward the garden - toward the sunlight - with new eyes.

On this day everything is new.

What will I experience?

Who will I meet?

What will I learn?

Whom will I forgive?

What love is in store...

Within my heart and within yours?

Today is a day to love.

To embrace all that you are in a spirit of wholeness and acceptance, knowing that you are exactly who you should be and trusting that life will take you exactly where it is going.

Trust. Laugh. Live.

And on the brink of a brand new morning, Be. Still. Contented. And loving.

Living in the fullness.
And noticing everything.

Fresh linen and new fall foliage.

The comfort of the quilt my mother made me.
The promise in a stranger's eye.

A seagull on the wind.

A prayer filled with hope.

Joy is accessible every moment we are blessed to be breathing.
And on this Sunday morning, my hope is that today will be beautiful.

For myself, I can't think of anything that I enjoy more than what I call "country weekends."
These are the weekends I make a conscious effort to stay home, slow down, and enjoy all of the beauty I have in my life. In my own backyard, bedroom, and comfortable corner of the world.

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Karen said...

That was beautiful! Are you published yet? Because you SHOULD be!

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