Sunday, January 30, 2011

Idol Chatter: Nashville Auditions

I was excited to see that the auditions in Nashville were in the Ryman Auditorium, because even though it wasn't for an American Idol audition......I have sang and been recorded on that very stage. It was awesome.

But enough about's my thoughts on the contestants

*OK, first girl (the one with the cartoon voice) -- Seriously?!? WTH was that?? My husband could sing better than her.....and then to tell people that Steven Tyler told her yes?!? What a nutcase.

*The "Exes" were great together. The guy had a really funky sound. I really liked him. And she was pretty good too. I think her "new boyfriend" must be extremely understanding.....but I think he's going to get his heart broken.

*Tattoo'd rock guy looked like he was in serious pain. And he was screaming a lot more than he was singing.

*Donald Trumps beauty queen was just ok for me. She sang a little too fast, and just didn't have that "spark". Again Randy had no balls in telling this contestant the truth. I may not be a fan of J Lo's, but at least she tells it like it is.

*Black girl with the adopted white parents.....while it's definately weird to hear a black girl sing country music, I thought she was great. I liked her a lot.

*What was with the nameless Blue Man Group reject??

*Jackie Wilson -- she was great. Reminds me a bit of Kelly Clarkson. She's a big girl with a huge voice.

*The "diva recording artist" -- Bwah ha ha ha!!! She sucked! Big time! She was seriously nasally and her "make love to the camera" attitude made me want to vomit. Hey, diva! Shut up! Seriously!

*The guy that sang "Maggie Mae" was great.

*Dude who sang Josh Groban was great. He was a good singer....not super fabulous, but I really liked him.

*The last girl -- yeah, she was good....She wasn't "the best I've seen all day", but she was good.

OK, until next week (when I can hopefully post on time)


Mark and Emily said...

I liked the exes together too and the guys voice was unique but I wasn't really feeling the girl or her voice. The beauty queen sucked and everyone else was ok. All these 15 yr olds make me nervous because they have good auditions (and I have liked them all) but I just don't have faith that they have the maturity, stage presence and skill to go very far. I'll say that and one of them will win, hahaha!!

And really you got to perform and record on that stage?!!!! That's AWESOME!!! Is that one on your bucket list?!

SongbirdMama said...

Yup, I sure did....back in 2006. I got to knock 2 things off my bucket list that summer. I sang on the Opry stage (at the Ryman Auditorium) and saw Graceland. I even got to play a piano that was played by Elvis at a recording studio in Memphis. Best vacation ever.

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