Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Idol Chatter: The Long Overdue Post for the Austin auditions

OK, so I'm an entire week late with this entry, but I'm here......and unfortuantely my DVR didn't record the LA auditions, so I won't be able to post thoughts on that. But here's who I thought deserved mention from Austin:

*Cory (the guy with the long lost sister): I thought he wasn't bad, but he went overboard with all the runs.

*The British chick that sang "At Last" was really pitchy and way too slow. Why even bother giving her a second chance? Her second song was still pitchy, but apparently every girl who cries this year gets a ticket to Hollywood.

*"Circle of Life" guy literally gave me a headache listening to him.

*John Wayne was good....he was really good. He had nice, smooth vocals and showed real emotion in what he was singing.

*The Seacrest Stalker - I seriously hope that she was acting, because if not, Ryan needs a serious restraining order. As far as her singing, I thought her voice was mediocre and she probably won't go very far.

*The Idol "power couple": She was annoying and couldn't hit the high notes. He was pretty good -- better than her, but neither one of them really blew me away.

*The cute blonde who sang two songs -- again not bad, but nothing spectacular.

*Casey, "The Scatman".....he was the best of the day, hands down. Really awesome sound.

So there you have it. I pinky promise to start posting these in a more timely manner.


Mark and Emily said...

I will hold you to that pinky promise! Haha, I usually don't get around to watching them until the weekend anyway...I only liked John Wayne.

You should be HAPPY that you didn't see the LA auditions! Let me tell you something I learned from watching it. I figured out why I have enjoyed this season so much more than previous ones. Prior to LA they seemed to focus more on uplifting people, stories and showed more of the good and talented singers. It's been a nice change. The crazies can be funny but I don't want to watch 1-2 hrs of it, especially when Simon's not there to make fun of them!!

LA was boring and just filled with crazy, annoying people. I could hardly stand to watch it. And not a whole lot of talent that I can remember.

SongbirdMama said...

Thanks,, I won't bother going to hunt it down online.

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