Wednesday, September 28, 2011

35?!? Are you kidding me?!?

Today is my birthday. I turn 35. This means that I can no longer claim that I’m “in my early 30′s”. I am halfway to 70 years old. I’m just a few short years away from (GASP!) FORTY YEARS OLD!

Most of me is very excited and the remaining part of me is manic, as I try to get my head around my mini mid-life crisis. When you turn 30, you are so excited to get your 20’s out of the way because you know that everything about your life is about to change. Then 5 years later you think, “what the Hell just happened?”.

Turning 35 is like a check point, where your mind goes reverse and you start rifling through that “list” you made when you were 25 of all the things you wanted to do and see, where you’d hoped to be in life and with your career, love, marriage and kids etc etc etc and check check check.

I have to be honest. I woke up not wanting to be 35. I wanted to stay 34 forever or at least just get me through these next 5 years and straight to 40 “for the best years of my life”.

Some of you reading this are probably not understanding, but wait until you get to 35 and when you do, you’ll think of me - It will hit you like a ton of bricks. Even though I am truly and honestly the happiest I’ve ever been, I woke up this morning in shock and a little dazed and confused - Oh crap there is really no turning back from adulthood.

Not only am I in the next age bracket (no longer 25-34.....but now 35-49 --eep) but where does the time go? It may just be me, but when you are a teenager there is nothing you want more than to be older. When you become older, all you want is to find some more “time”.

I’m still in denial, I think I can find some “time” hiding underneath a rock or perhaps in the places where the lost socks go. If any of you happen to find some more “time” just laying around, can you please pass some along my way?

It took me about a half hour to get over my mini mid-life crisis mode and I realized, life isn’t so bad. I have to accept that fact that my body is not what it use to be (but it's getting closer hee hee) and that I might be experiencing peri-menopause shortly. But I am in the best place right now, surrounded by the best people.

So here’s to being 35. Growing old is a mandatory process and there is no point in trying to resist the changes.


Your Mama said...

You are such an EXCELLENT writer....Loved this....I LOVED being 35 (it's beats being close to 55.....ughness).....Just enjoy each step along the way darlin

DeeMomof6 said...

I LOved this post. Happy Belated By the Way. Think I did something small on facebook but you deserve the royal treatment. And hey I will join at 35 soon.. just a few short months away. I am excited though. I am finally at a point in my life where I can get back to being me and not just Mom anymore and that is what I was looking to have by the time I reached 35. Have a GREAT 35th year!

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