Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eternal Hi 5

How far is Heaven?

It's not very far.

When you're in God's temple

It's right where you are.

This past weekend, our family went to Cardston, and were sealed together for time and all eternity in the Cardston Temple. It ranks up there as one of the top 5 days of my life.

Saturday morning we all got up early and had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon. Then we all got dressed and hit the road for the hour long drive to Cardston. The boys were very tired, so it was a relatively quite drive.

When we entered the temple, we were greeted by the gentleman who was going to perform our sealing. And, to show you what a small community I live in.......the sealer was my high school principal. Crazy!

Ross and I were sealed to eachother first...........and as if my heart couldn't get any fuller -- the boys were brought in shortly after. I had to catch my breath when they came in the door, all dressed in white, and looking so beautiful. At the head of the alter were three chairs. My uncle, Tim and my cousin, Jake, served as our witnesses and they sat on the two end chairs, leaving the one in the middle empty. But I swear I could almost see my grandpa Max sitting there. I just knew that he and granny were in that room with us.

The sealing itself, of course, was fantastic. When Brother Bohne was finished and told the boys that we were now an eternal family and that we would be together, Ryker quietly started clapping. It was so cute.

When it was over and we were leaving the temple, Andrew decided to put his seal of approval on the day by giving everyone he saw an "Eternal High 5". (His words).

It was a wonderful, fantastic, joyful happy day.


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Mark and Emily said...

Awwwww, so beautiful! And I know that is a moment that Grandma and Grandpa definitely wouldn't have missed! SO happy for you all!!

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