Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Idol Chatter: The Top 13 Guys

OK, so since I've decided to watch Idol again, and since I upset/disappointed/ticked off some readers last season by not posting my Idol recaps, I have decided to resurrect the "IDOL CHATTER" segment of my blog for this season.

Here's my thoughts on how last nights "GUYS" did:

1) Reid: "Moves Like Jagger" -- OK, so I love this song, but wasn't really feeling the jazz vibe. I didn't appreciate him saying the "S" word and having to get censored on TV. It was a rather underwhelming start to the night.

2) Adam: "Think" -- I didn't like the song choice, but I really like his voice, especially in the upper register. And I LOVE his energy on stage.

3) DeAndre: "Reasons" -- I think he's an absolutely adorable kid but again the song choice was all wrong for me. He had this whole Bee Gees thing going on. I mean, I appreciate a man that can rock a falsetto, but not through an entire bloody song.

4) Colton: "Decode" -- I didn't care forr this at all. He was off pitch for the first half of the song. I think he tried too hard with the song choice, and it just didn't work for me.

5) Jeremy: "Gravity" -- BOOOOORRRRIIIINGGGG!!!!! I didn't like a thing about this. He was nasally, his sustained note was flat, he had too much vibrato. The shots of JLo and Steven's "duck lips" were more entertaining than that song.

6) Aaron: "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- Okay, this wasn't horrible, but it was nothing exciting. His note at the end started and ended bad, but was AWESOME in the middle....but there was still too much vibrato in his voice.

7) Chase: "Storm Warning" -- I think this song was really safe for this guy, but he definately stayed true to his style. He didn't show much range, and his lack of ability to sustain a note made him kind of boring to listen to.

8) Creighton: "True Colors" -- I didn't completely hate it; it actually had a couple moments of brilliance. Again it was a little safe, but I think I kinda liked it.

9) Philip: "In The Air Tonight" -- So, yeah.....I completely hated everything about that. The tune was creepy, he bungled up the lyrics so the lines made no sense. I think Phil Collins needs to seriously punch this guy in the throat.

10) Eben: "Set Fire To The Rain" -- Ballsy move taking on an Adele song. I really like this song, but he just doesn't have the guts or the power to pull it off. His ending was great, but he just didn't have the right "heart" to it.

11) Heejun: "Angels" -- I think he did pretty good. It wasn't mind blowing and I just don't like that song, so it felt a little "meh" to me....but he did alright.

12) Joshua: "You Pulled Me Through" -- This was a weird one for me. One minute I really liked it and the next I was like "Meh, this kinda blows". So, I'm not really sure how I feel about it.

13) Jermaine: "Dance With My Father" -- No suprise that he was the one that was brought back. I mean, when they cut him after the auditions, all three of the judges were weeping like babies. Anyway, I'm really glad they brought him back. Something about his voice is really soothing to me.

So, that's my take on "Opening Night". I heard a rumor that they are actually cutting 6 guys right off the bat......that makes my choices really tough. To be perfectly honest, the only ones whol I think are completly safe are: Adam, Creighton and Jermaine



Your Mama said...

Pretty much agreed ;)

Mark and Emily said...

After watching the guys perform I was convinced that I was not going to be watching AI this season!! I think all but a couple of them were AWFUL!!!!!! And the couple that weren't were just ok. And it was bothering me that all the judges thought they were good! Well except the next night when Randy said he watched it back and they weren't as good as he thought.

The girls were a bit better for me, but I'm still not blown away by anyone right out of the gate. I'll stay tuned to see if it gets better. Really disappointed this season so far.

I'm glad your back in it though!! I'm so excited to have someone to share it with! Thank you!!

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