Thursday, March 1, 2012

Idol Chatter: The Top 12 Girls

Alright, here's my thoughts on how the girls did last night.

1) Chelsea: "Cowboy Cassanova" -- She was flat and nasally through the entire song. Another mediocre start to the night.

2) Erica: "What About Love" -- OK, I just have to say this. Her mouth is HUGE. Anyway, she has this odd Cher-esque vibrato sound to her voice. It wasn't terrible, but I thought she got swallowed up by the music a bit.

3) Jenn: "One and Only" -- Again, gutsy move to take on Adele. Not the best song choice though. I thought that overall it was boring. That being said, I have to give her props for the big sustained note. Well done.

4) Brielle: "Dock Of The Bay" -- First verse was too low for her, and watching her "make love" to the camera was awkward and annoying. I don't like this girl. I've been rubbed wrong by her "Jersey Shore" persona from the beginning of the auditions. She and her "Real Housewives" mother need to disappear and never be on TV again.

5) Hallie: "Feeling Good" -- This song is so bloody overdone that I didn't really even want to listen to it. It felt a bit forced and unnatural to me. Not her best performance.

6) Skylar: "Stay With Me" -- I didn't care much for this one either. She was too growly and couldn't just sing it "straight". I found it annoying and really distracting.

7) Bayley: "Amazed" -- Boring, pitchy and too slow. 'Nuff said.

8) Holly: "Reflections" -- So, she was okay. A little nasally and completely devoid of passion (despite what Steven Tyler said), and for me, music without emotion is pointless.

9) Hayley: "Sweet Dreams" -- What was with that weird "Twilight Zone" performance. The eyeballs on the screen behind her were creepy. She sang like she was possessed by the devil. I'm wondering if Wes Craven was choreographer and voice coach on this one. I'm with Randy on this one......what a total nightmare.

10) Shannon: "Hold Out Your Hand" -- That was a lovely talent segment of the Miss America....oh, wait....wrong show? My bad. Don't get me wrong; I thought her voice was phenomenal (my favorite voice of the night). I just thought the song choice was a big campy.

11) Jessica: "Love You I Do" -- She's got power when she belts it out, but if she's not belting I can't really hear her. And what's with all the girls trying to be "growly" this year? I get a sore throat just listening to them.

12) Elyse: "One And Only" -- So two girls sang the same song tonight. Weird... A billion songs in the world and a dozen girls can't come up with 12 different songs? I don't think either girl did Adele justice, but this girl was definately better than the other girl. Well done.

So I guess I think that Shannon and Elyse were probably my two favorites and the only ones that I'm pretty certain are safe. Guess we'll see tonight!

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