Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School 2013

Well the boys have made it through the first week of the new school year.  Everything seems to be going great so far.

Ryker is now in 4th grade.  He really likes his new teacher and has quite a few friends in his class.   He's really excited to be learning new things in math and science and is reading big chapter books every night.  His current reading is the Hunger Games books and he loves them.

Max is in grade 8 this year.  His last year of Jr. High.  He grew like a weed this summer and is now the tallest kid in the house and only about 4-6 inches shorter than his dad.  He's still got his quick wit, which I think would make him a great lawyer, but he says he's going to become an engineer.

Finally my Andrew.  Grade 11!!!  How did that happen.  He's such a busy kid this year.  He's got a full plate of classes (and picking up an extra grade 12 class next semester), he's working part time, he's head of the drama club, he's in the school play, he's on student council.  It seems to me that the boy is a bit like his mother.....thriving in the chaos.  He also got his learner's license this summer!  EEP!!!

They are all at such fun ages now!  But a part of me still wishes that time would slow down.  I'm not ready to start looking at universities and thinking of how they'll manage life on their own.  If anyone has a magic potion to keep them young just a little know where to find me.

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