Monday, July 23, 2007

When will I ever learn

OK, so apparently SPF 50 sunscreen is still not good enough for my poor pale Irish skin. We took the kids to Hawaiian Falls on Saturday, and although we all had sunscreen on, we all got sunburned. I, as usual, got it worse than anyone. I tried putting clothes on the kids to go to church on Sunday, and they screamed like I was murdering them. So, needless to say, church was out of the question.

Then, to top that off.....Randall and Andrew got in a scuffle and Andrew went face first into a metal bunkbed frame. So now he has a nasty black eye. Ugh!! What a weekend.

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Ally Brown said...

Oh you poor things! I hope you all get better. Man those sunburns are a you-know-what. I tried to avoid at all costs getting burned (even if that means staying inside all day every day).

Your son's poor black eye! My first worry was that he got hit by another kid! I was about to get all angry. I'm such a dork.

Hope to see you this Sunday (maybe by that time the burns will have gone down). The church sells a product called burn free or something like that and everyone who's used it SWEARS by it that it works, making the pain of the burn go away.

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