Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day!!! To all of the fathers, papas, dads, daddies and misters....if it weren't for you? We'd have a LOT less, I mean a LOT more grumpy days.

You are the momma's right hand man. Our wingman...our partners in crime. If nothing else, it's easier to say, "Daddy said no," than have to come up with a reason. It's also a good threat for the kiddies, "You just wait until your daddy gets home...." insert ominous music here. Mwa-ha-haha!!

OK, enough about that. Let's talk about my dad. My dad's pretty awesome. He can do just about anything. He can teach you to whistle, tie your shoes or ride a bike, show you how to make a yard look awesome, cook, clean.....well, you get the picture.

When I was little I was pretty sure that he got up before the rest of us, just to wake the sun up so it would be light out when we got up. As I've gotten older I realize that he didn't wake that sun up. But without him, the sun would be less bright.

So, with this post I just want to thank my dad. Because, Heaven knows he didn't have to be my dad. I love him and appreciate him probably more than he knows.

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Your Mama said...

wow Er.....well is just saying....""
:) for a man of little words...that's pretty good eh?...I mean "" :)

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