Friday, June 25, 2010


~ I love my children above all else, they are my joy.
~ I dream of seeing Ireland, Greece, London, Italy and Tokyo.
~ I love to write
~ I love the way the world looks through the lens of a camera.
~ I am a crier.
~ I have a good heart and a generous spirit.
~ I have not reached my fullest potential...I still have dreams unfulfilled.
~ I'm learning to stand up for myself
~ I think women, and now know young girls, are often cruel to each other.
~ I have had my heart broken.
~ I like cinnemon toast and tea for breakfast.
~ I am slow to trust and do not easily let people into my life.
~ I am blessed to have a few good friends.
~ No one really knows me.
~ I love reading good books in abubble bath.
~ I am striving to cherish the moment.

1 comment:

Mark and Emily said...

Beautiful, interesting, a bath and a book sounds amazing right now!

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